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PC Cheaters Causing Cross-Play Havoc in COD: Black Ops Cold War Beta

Maybe we just can’t have nice things after all? That seems
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A Budget PC Build Guide – How to Get the Best Without Spending the Most

Becoming a member of the PC master race isn’t a very
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Riot Could be Making an Among Us Game

It looks like Riot is gauging interest in an Among Us
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FREE – Amnesia: A Machine for Pigs from Epic Games Store

Another week of free games from the Epic Games Store. You
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Valorant: Riot Adds Changes to Ranked Mode in Act 3

Riot tightened up the rank spread for team matchmaking again. So
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Gamer Bias 3rd Tournament: Valorant

The community has spoken and there was demand for another Valorant
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Pikuniku and Rogue Company are Free from Epic

Another week, another set of free games from the Epic Game
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Genshin Impact Releases But You May Have Trouble Downloading it

You might remember the original announcement of Genshin Impact and how
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Microsoft Buys Bethesda in Surprise Next-Gen Power Move

The next-gen console wars are already underway and we don’t even
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