Breaking news – Mixer just announced that it will be shutting down.

It seems Microsoft quietly announced that they will be shutting down Mixer. The platform will still be accessible until July 22, 2020. After that date, the website will no longer exist and force a redirect to Facebook Gaming’s page. Yes, it looks like Microsoft will just be offloading all their streaming to Facebook.

What about the existing contracts and partners on Mixer?

Partners will be automatically given partner status on Facebook’s platform as well. Those crazy contracts that were given to the biggest streamers will be honored “closely” as stated by Microsoft. Everyone else who still had monetization enabled on Mixer will also be transferred to the monetization programs on Facebook.

All people with leftover embers/sparks and subscription services will be paid out in xbox gift cards. Although they are encouraging viewers to spend their balances as the creators will get paid double for the month.

Its definitely a shocking move and I wonder what the big streamers who invested their time into Mixer are thinking right now.

Post from Microsoft here.

EA Origin Games Moving to Steam, Including APEX

EA announced back in October 2019 that they would be moving many games to Steam.

Many of those games are now available on the Steam store. As a bonus they are discounting a ton of titles on the steam store as well! You can snag star wars, need for speed, battlefield titles, and more!

APEX Legends will also definitely be moving to steam and the store page is already available but listed as TBA.

The common question is – will you still need Origin?

Unfortunately, yes, you will still need Origin installed and running to play these games even if they were bought and installed on Steam. A common model used by other publishers like Ubisoft’s Uplay. However, you still reap the benefits of Steam’s download servers and stability. I often have problems with many other publisher’s launchers, and steam has remained the best in functionality and stability. Steam also never fails to give me MAX download speeds on games.

New Releases

Even without APEX, lots of titles are already available. A Way Out is exclusively a 2 player co-op game where you explore prison life and try to escape. I’m personally excited to try this one out.

steam 3
Titanfall and APEX!

Is Anyone Adopting Google Stadia?

When it first arrived, Google Stadia joined an already crowded console scene but stood out on its own for being one of the first for trying to merge gaming with streaming. Early adopters were met with some hiccups. That is to be expected with any launch. However, the Stadia has been a pleasant surprise for some while it “still isn’t there quite yet” for others. To be real, the promise of the Stadia was basically that it would act as a kind of a “Netflix for video games”.

In theory, we were going to get access to a triple-A library of titles and even new games would be added to this list. Is this what we’re getting?

Yes and no, and I know that isn’t a very specific answer. You see, it’s hard to pin down where the Stadia is going and what its strengths are. The complaints about lag in fighting games and others is a real thing and that’s a dealbreaker for many gamers.

Given the rise of competitive gaming, that’s a problem that needs to be overcome and quickly for the Stadia to be taken seriously. But games that don’t rely on blazing fast internet speed or lightning response times can still be enjoyable on the Stadia.

In fact, the biggest promise here is Stadia’s “go anywhere” gaming. If Google can somehow lock this down and make the Stadia a truly seamless experience between console, tablet, and phone then we’ve got something really powerful here.

As it stands now, everything is still relatively conceptual if that is even possible for a console that is already on sale right now.

While the Stadia has a great library of available games, there does seem to be a lot of industry resistance to it. One of the more recent examples of this is that the most-anticipated title of 2020, Cyberpunk 2077, won’t be releasing on the Stadia until after it has come out for console and PC.

That’s a pretty big blow because, in theory, the availability of Cyberpunk 2077 on Stadia on day one would be a pretty deal.

Another nagging issue that we don’t blame Google for nor do we know how the company is going to solve is the fact that, unlike Netflix, you actually have to pay to play these games.

You don’t get to just browse through a library of the best games currently out there and play whatever you want. If that were the case, then Stadia’s lag and other issues would be the tiniest of concerns and we doubt any of us would be able to log on to the service or get a console because it would be so popular. As it stands now, Stadia is a bridge between the past and the future.

The legacy elements of the former are what is holding it back. Don’t get us wrong, we understand why Stadia has to charge for triple-A titles and sell them just like any other console’s digital store would. It’s just that it kills much of the buzz and novelty of the console.

The result is something that shines a lens on the console and its many flaws. Still, Stadia has promise and it will be fun to see what Google does with it in the future. 

Minecraft Dungeons is the Diablo Clone You Didn’t Know You Wanted in Your Life

Whether or not you’ve played Minecraft before, you know about it.

It’s a veritable multimedia powerhouse and for good reasons.

Minecraft is a fun, addictive game that comes with endless possibilities.

The spinoff titles take the core game into new directions but none have done it so boldly as Minecraft Dungeons.

In many ways, this isometric dungeon crawler is nothing more than a Diablo clone with Minecraft’s IP thrown in the mix.

And let’s not pretend like it is controversial or even innovative to say that this game is a Diablo clone.

Everyone and their mom is calling it that and, as a huge Diablo fan, that’s not a knock on the game. Sure, I could be esoteric and say something like, “Minecraft Dungeons is a great Path of Exile-style title using Mojang’s beloved franchise’s art assets,” but that would be too try-hard for me right now. So, what can you expect if you pick up Minecraft Dungeons?

One of the more fun and casual dungeon crawlers to come out anywhere in some time.

But don’t confuse fun and casual for lacking in depth. Some people are trying to call this a “kiddie” Diablo clone but what does that even mean?

The video games from my childhood confound me now with their arbitrary mechanics and shameless difficulty settings.

What I think people mean by that is that Minecraft Dungeons isn’t as intense as Diablo 3 – whatever that means. If you’re a fan of the genre, however, this game deserves a pickup and soon.

The graphics are pretty glorious and everything clicks in terms of in-game mechanics.

There is nothing exceedingly novel here but it hits all of the right points when it comes to balancing combat with moving forward to accomplish objectives.

In other words, the game has rhythm and it’s a balanced one that maximizes your joy from the title.

That said, it can become difficult at points and for gamers  that have never played this type of game before it will be more than enough of a challenge. Of course, we have to address the elephant in the room which is: “That’s nice, but what does this have to do with Minecraft?”

Very little, my friend, outside of the use of the game’s intellectual property, lore, and art assets. Like any dungeon crawler, you have your loot and all that entails, but you’re not going to construct fortresses or roller coasters in this game like you do in the main title.

They are totally different games and they are only tied together by a shared universe.

Really, that’s to be expected and isn’t a knock on the game at all. We’re just throwing that out there because it might be jarring for the little kiddos out there that are used to building huts and farms.

Should you buy it? That’s a hot yes. You don’t have to take my word for it. Just look at the charts. It’s awesome to see a dungeon crawler post up sales like this game is and it bodes well for Blizzard’s Diablo 4 (whenever that arrives). The more isometric action RPGs we can get, the better.

Get Ready for Last of Us Part II

Releasing on PS4 this Friday.

The follow up to the 2013 game is finally arriving on June 19th. If you guys still remember that game, they left us with a pretty open ending with plenty of questions and not many answers.

The review embargo ended and the feedback so far is quite positive. You’ll be in for a roller coaster of emotions in the new game. Gameplay is said to be quite good as well; I didn’t feel that the game play and combat was very good in the original.

The game is already available for pre-order for the usual $59.99

Don’t remember much of the first game? Watch all the cut scenes from the first game with us below.

Valorant Ranked Next Week?

Ziegler tweeted that we could be seeing Ranked mode released next week.


Valorant has been available to everyone worldwide since June 2nd. The release has been quite smooth, none of the crazy issues that we were seeing in early beta have reappeared.

Looks like Riot has confidence in their game now, and after about 3 weeks of letting everyone assimilate into the game, ranked mode will be making an appearance very soon! Take that with a grain of salt though, as Zeigler says it will “likely” be out, which could entail possibility of delays.

If you haven’t tried Valorant yet – get it for free

NVIDIA RTX 3090 Possible?

As production begins nearing for the RTX 3080, rumors of another card are circulating.

NVIDIA is planning to begin production on their new 3080 video card in August, with a release in September. However many are talking about a 3090 being produced alongside the 3080 as their new flagship video card.

Many were writing this off as confusion since the flagship model has been the 80Ti series (i.e. 2080Ti) models for several years past. But many are reinforcing the rumor, so we could possibly see a 3090. There are no technical specs or benchmarks out, but we should be hearing more as we near the production date in August.

Current 2080Ti Flagship

Either way, we’re excited to see whats next! Maybe it’ll be worth upgrading from my current 2080 setup.

New Outlast Announced with a Twist

The Outlast Trials will feature co-op play.

The Outlast Trials was announced recently during the PC Gaming Show.

For those not familiar with the series – Outlast is a horror series which had 2 installments prior to Trials. Outlast 1 & 2 were released in 2013 and 2017, respectively. The series has been acclaimed to create extremely spooky environments and scare the living daylight out of you. I can personally attest to this. Which brings me to my next point…

The new Outlast with have COOPERATIVE PLAY. Will the game still be as terrifying if you have 3 other buddies playing the game with you? I am excited to find out. Initial impressions from the trailer are still as eerie as ever. It doesn’t tell much, but the game will be set in the cold war era. All we get to see are some doctors drilling into your head and installing night vision.

The next scene shows someone trying to help you, I guess alluding to the co-op aspect.

Currently the game is scheduled to release for PC in 2021.