Halo Infinite’s Delays Blamed on Interesting Things

The announcement of Halo Infinite came as little surprise to people who had paid attention to rumors over the past several years.

But its delay was no less disappointing and now we’re learning that it is due to some pretty special circumstances, namely the ongoing work on the Halo television series, among other things.

That’s what Thurrott is reporting and the website claims that inside sources pin the delay of Halo Infinite on, among other things, the television series as well as extensive outsourcing of the game’s development.

The television series is cited as a particularly huge time sink. But there’s also the added pressure of trying to bring out a launch title game.

Halo Infinite is being built around the all-new SlipSpace engine and the complexities of that development have made a launch timeframe for the game’s release nearly impossible.

In fact, the E3 demo shown off last year was of a game that was “was not in a state that was playable at that level of fidelity.”

Thurrott also quotes this unnamed insider source on the extensive outsourcing on the project as saying, “The coordination between the many different companies contributing to Infinite has been rough, at best. One person familiar with the company’s plans indicated that they believed the out-sourcing for Infinite was at a ratio higher than a typical studio undertakes during development which has caused significant headaches for cross-development collaboration.”

Of course, none of this is mentioned in the official statement from the studio:

“Today I want to share an important Halo Infinite development update with the community. We have made the difficult decision to shift our release to 2021 to ensure the team has adequate time to deliver a Halo game experience that meets our vision.

The decision to shift our release is the result of multiple factors that have contributed to development challenges, including the ongoing COVID-related impacts affecting us all this year. I want to acknowledge the hard work from our team at 343 Industries, who have remained committed to making a great game and finding solutions to development challenges. However, it is not sustainable for the well-being of our team or the overall success of the game to ship it this holiday.

We know this will be disappointing to many of you and we all share in that sentiment. The passion and support the community has shown over the years has been incredible and inspiring. We wanted nothing more than to play our game with the community this holiday. The extra time will let us finish the critical work necessary to deliver the most ambitious Halo game ever at the quality we know our fans expect.”

Really, though, if you’ve paid attention since the infamous gameplay reveal, it’s probably not that shocking that they’re going to take a little more time with everything.

Not only did that gameplay reveal last month provide ample meme material for the more creative out there, but it also drew derisive commentary from Halo skeptics and even some disappointed comments from diehard fans. Since nothing is finalized it would be a shame to judge something this early and now it looks like Microsoft’s marquee property is going to take a little bit more time to make sure everything is just right.

As for when exactly the game will be coming out that is still up in the air at the moment.

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Fall Guys Update Coming

The uber-popular multiplayer party royale game Fall Guys is getting a much-needed update, developer Mediatonic announced.

This patch will be aimed at addressing certain player complaints as well as a few system-specific issues that have crept up since the game’s release on August 4.

And a new patch isn’t the only news that the Fall Guys had up their sleeve.

As for the patch itself, we’re looking at a new round selection algorithm that will only pit teams of equal sizes against one another, sorting party members in Spectator mode, and a few PS4-only changes including inverted controls and other customization options for the player’s controller.

Other changes include the inability to grab onto certain objects in Slime Climb, a change in the geometry for Jump Showdown to prevent gameplay exploits as well as a quick fix to the auto-panning issue, and some UI changes to make purchases easier and more clear in their language.

Mediatonic also announced that the top five reasons behind the game crashing were fixed and also implemented some visual fixes to the way the outfits display. There were also some graphical adjustments introduced for non-Pro PlayStation 4 models. The Japanese market got the option to change the button binding for Jump while Trophy and Achievements are now displayed correctly in languages other than English. 

Interestingly, one update that the social media team posted but maybe wasn’t supposed to mention is the fix to the “speed nerf” that the yellow team had. The tweet says, exactly, “Removed move speed nerf from Yellow Team (Don’t post this one).” Who knows what that is about.

In other news, Geoff Keighley is using none other than Gamescom to announce Season 2 for Fall Guys on August 25. 

Fall Guys has become somewhat of a sensation since its release and it’s really no surprise. Capitalizing on the popularity of the “battle royale” genre plus the already-addictive gameplay that underpins titles like the Mario Party games and you have a potent combination.

And, as far as recommendations go, we can’t help but give Fall Guys two thumbs up. It’s not only a good time but it is strangely addictive. The online component really takes everything to the next level and provides you with an almost infinite amount of replay value. Beyond that, however, it is really cool to see the battle royale idea going in new directions.

Since it is geared towards the broadest audience possible, this game is great for anyone looking for a good time. You don’t need to worry about bringing a crowd with you and you also don’t have a huge amount of pressure on your back to be the best. There’s something really relaxing and freeing about the huge team sizes and the chaos that ensues. Many of the challenges actually feel like that old Japanese gameshow Takeshi’s Castle and the ensuing antics also have that kind of chaotic slapstick quality to them.

What about you? Do you plan on getting Fall Guys or do you already have it? Let us know your thoughts on this story in the comments.

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New Resident Evil Village Playtest Rumors Shed Light on New Characters, Enemies

More new information about Capcom’s upcoming Resident Evill Village is starting to leak to the press and it looks like a bunch of fan assumptions are getting tacit confirmation.

For one, the playtest leaks are coming from someone that helped test the game back before RE3’s release. This source confirms a new enemy, a second playable character, and even a new location for the game.

The playtester reportedly test drove a build running on a PlayStation 4. The stage that the tester described is a dark cavern where a female protagonist tries to work her way out using a kerosene lantern, Bloody Disgusting reports. This segment features the new enemy type – a bipedal sword-wielding goat creature that is able to bite the character. The new enemy type is being likened to the German folktale Krampus in terms of appearance and execution.

For those gamers that haven’t kept up with Resident Evil Village and how different it is promising to be from its counterparts, the enemy type already demoed is a werewolf type creature so that, combined with the vengeful sword goat, and we’ve got a game that is really coloring outside of the lines in terms of fan expectations of an RE game.

The goat enemy is allegedly called a “Strigoi in-game. This calls back to the Romanian creature from that country’s mythology which is both a shapeshifter and vampire-like being. Apparently they are controlled by an enemy type called the “witch.”

 Of course, all of this is based upon leaks from a purported playtester of an early version of the game. We don’t know how much of this will be verified or debunked by the time the game comes out. And we’ve got quite a while until then. Capcom has pretty much kept a vague stance with regard to when they will actually release the game.

All we know so far is that it is sometime in 2021. As for continuity with the rest of the series, this will not be a side-game or alternative universe story. There was some speculation about this and the game’s logographic didn’t really do it any favors in putting the question to rest. It incorporates the Roman numeral for 8 in a very interesting way thus leading to fan confusion as to whether or not this was RE8. The game will follow the events of Resident Evil VII directly, Capcom has commented on numerous occasions.

The setting is Europe and there will be characters from the series’ past that show up in the title. Like Resident Evil 7, it will use the same engine and feature a first-person gameplay perspective. While many people expected that, it wasn’t a given when you consider Capcom’s recent string of popular RE remake games, each of which has featured an over-the-shoulder viewpoint.

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Gamer Bias is Hosting a Valorant Tourney!

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Vindex, Andbox, and Envy Team Up for Gaming Centers in Dallas and New York City

It looks like the world of eSports is getting a new set of power players as Vindex, Andbox, and Envy partner up to launch a fleet of gaming centers in major metropolitan centers across the globe. With eSports as a primary focus for these centers – and, we assume, the events and spectator festivals that go along with it – this could prove to be a very lucrative move for the three companies as entertainment’s fastest-growing segment seeks to further that advance.

Vindex’s purchase of Belong Gaming for $300 million is the first volley in what is expected to be a long campaign to roll out this concept, especially given the constraints presented by the COVID-19 pandemic on public events like this.

Envy Gaming’s president and COO Geoff Moore said of the planned Dallas center, “The Dallas-Forth Worth market has been, at least until this year, very event, team and competition focused as an entertainment source. So we’re very happy to have such high class experienced operators who understand esports to partner with us as we build out the entire esports ecosystem.”

Andbox’s president and co-founder Farzam Kamel said in a statement concerning the partnership, “These new gaming centers we’ll be launching in partnership with Vindex will provide a high quality, best in class experience that esports fans in the New York metro area deserve. One of Andbox’s goals has always been to provide the local community here with physical spaces specifically designed for and dedicated to gaming, and we couldn’t be more excited to be a part of making that a reality.”

A huge component of the plan is to bring together various gaming communities into one space. This is not only to agglomerate talent and thus find tomorrow’s stars but also to elevate certain games that are staples of the scene but that don’t draw huge crowds currently.

“Here, there are hundreds of thousands of people playing all these different games, but they’re all doing it individually from their homes and they’re linked together through their headphones and the internet. But what’s been the missing part of that vertical stack is the venues that allow them to scale and come together for events or participatory entertainment. It’s just a big piece of the puzzle that gets filled in,” Moore added.

Both executives noted how fast eSports is rising not only as an entertainment source but also as an accepted activity using school-sponsored eSports as an example of just that phenomenon. Even with all of this optimism, however, the question remains as to what impact the novel coronavirus pandemic will have on this development moving forward. While no one thinks that the pandemic is going to stop anything dead in its tracks, it is question as to how much of a delay we can expect before massive public events become acceptable again.

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shroud Returns to Twitch

He also randomly announces going pro.

Shroud makes a BIG return to twitch today, playing Valorant on live stream. Also sporting a brand new layout, intro video, and facial hair. Shroud recently took over a month off from streaming, being quiet and inactive since mixer shut down and he did not opt into a contract with Facebook gaming. Everybody was wondering if he would return to twitch or stay away from streaming and go strictly pro.

For those of you who are not familiar, shroud has been one of the biggest streamers in the first person shooter genre for a long time now.

He did randomly mention going pro during his stream saying “Am I going pro in valorant – Yes.” I managed to capture a clip of it here. He doesn’t go into any detail after that and quickly changes the subject, but it does seem to confirm that he will be going pro.

During his stream he amassed over 500,000 concurrent live viewers at one time which is absolutely impressive. To put that into perspective, he had more viewers than an entire categories of games did. Viewers definitely welcomed him back with open arms and his subscription count immediately skyrocketed to the tens of thousands within a few hours.

He casually played some ranked Valorant games on his main account which apparently he did not use to play any ranked games as his Act 1 and Act 2 stats were showing blank. He was playing in diamond tier during the live stream, but quickly made it to immortal.

You can catch the replay of his first stream back below!

Phantasy Star Online 2: New Genesis Details and What It Means for Phantasy Star Online 2

Fans of Phantasy Star Online might have another reason to give PSO 2 a look with the coming release of New Genesis, a separate yet parallel game that will sport revamped graphics and a new game engine.

You read that correctly: There will be two Phantasy Star Online 2 games, one called New Genesis, and they will be separate games. New Genesis will not be an overhaul a la Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn, nor will it be tied in with the current game bearing the PSO2 moniker. They will exist in “parallel universes” according to the devs.

For gamers who might not be familiar with the Realm Reborn reference, this points to the initial disaster that was Square’s attempt at releasing FFXIV back in September 2010. The current game, A Realm Reborn, is a completely different title with everything from the combat system to the overworld maps reworked. Of course, that was done out of necessity. The original FFXIV was a disaster beyond belief so comparing PSO2 to it in any way is unfair but that’s the reference.

But if New Genesis isn’t an overhaul, and it isn’t an expansion, then what the heck is it exactly? Why not make it a new game. We don’t know.

But the differences between the two games are also pretty immediate for anyone that is familiar with PSO2.

To start, New Genesis will feature an open-world format similar to traditional MMORPGs. Forbes notes that this is to encourage exploration and that is typically why theme park MMOs like World of Warcraft feature such large, seemingly boundless worlds.

The games will both share New Genesis’ revamped graphics engine but that’s about it. It wasn’t clear on when PSO2 would receive a graphics overhaul like PSO2: New Genesis. 

You will be able to bring your PSO2 character over to New Genesis but progression stays behind on the other game. That means all of your leveling, techniques, and so on remain on PSO2 and your character comes over to the other game starting anew. As you can probably imagine, this also includes anything that might give you a leg up over other people like money.

There might be a pretty good incentive to just create your own new character for New Genesis. Sega showed off what looked like a pretty robust and in-depth character creation mechanic that is almost a necessity in these kinds of online games.

As to whether or not the market can support not one but two Phantasy Star Online games is a question that will have to be answered once New Genesis lands on Xbox One, Xbox Series X, and Windows 10 next year. The PSO fanbase is pretty dedicated but two game worlds is quite a bit to shoulder. Even so, New Genesis looks like it is going to offer enough “new” stuff to justify its existence with fans and new players alike.

Are you excited about New Genesis? Let us know your thoughts in the comments.

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EA Really Wants to Buy WB Games – And It Just Might Happen

Rumors are what help drive a lot of gaming news media forward but also they act as a kind of signal to elicit some kind of response.

In this case, we’re wondering if EA is trying to come on a little strong in expressing its interests.

WB Games might not be one of the first publishers that come to mind when you think about the big names out there like Capcom, Sega, and Square, but they not only publish some pretty big titles but also they have some hot properties on the horizon.

And EA would like to scoop them up in a deal, for better or worse. That’s right, gaming’s own Cronus wants to devour yet another titan of the scene and who knows what kind of impact that will have on Batman games and the upcoming open-world Harry Potter title, if anything.

But EA has never let their reputation for sterilizing creative forces stop them from making a major acquisition in the past.

Could the WB Games thing actually happen?

Well, one major roadblock might be other gaming publishers themselves. If WB Games makes it known that it wants out of the business, this could lead to a veritable feeding frenzy among the big names out there. Also, while EA has deep pockets, many of its competitors have caught up with and some names surpass it entirely, like Microsoft for example. One name bandied about as a potential suitor for WB Games should it come up for acquisition is none other than the Redmond clan behind the Xbox, a console relatively starved for exclusive content when compared with Nintendo and Sony and which could really benefit from something like a triple-A open-world Harry Potter game and the license to the Batman property. Spider-Man on PS, Bat Man on Xbox, anyone?

That brings up the second aspect of all of this and that is anyone who buys WB Games will likely need deep pockets. It isn’t that EA isn’t capable of buying it, it’s all a matter of who else wants a piece of it. 

Some analysts have cited the business impact of the novel coronavirus and, specifically, finance. The implication here is that a company that doesn’t have the cash on hand might not be able to secure financing for such a purchase given the current environment. Yet, on the other hand, one industry that has boomed while everything else has largely suffered is video games. In other words, we don’t think EA would have to try too hard to find someone willing to help it cough up the cash for a WB Games acquisition if it comes down to that.

What do you think of EA’s desire to buy WB Games? Let us know what you think about this story in the comments section below.

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