Ghost of Tsushima’s Free Co-Op Update Part of Awesome New Trend in Gaming

Ghost of Tsushima might have fooled many of us into thinking it was From Software’s latest masterpiece when it launched back in July of this year.

But Sucker Punch Entertainment not only showed us all that imitation is indeed the sincerest form of flattery but that, sometimes, the student can become a master in his own right.

That’s probably what makes this news of a free co-op mode for Ghost of Tsushima that much more exciting: It isn’t like the devs needed to give us anything else in what some already considered a pretty perfect game.

Yet this is the modern era of gaming and “pretty perfect” isn’t enough, at least by the developer’s own standards.

Now gamers that weren’t taken in with Ghost of Tsushima’s amazing action and breathtaking visuals have another reason to give the game a look and that is its awesome new co-op mode.

Basically you get the best of Ghost of Tsushima but this time with a friend along for the ride. So how does it work?

Well, if you already own the game, it’s a free download. For those who purchase it moving forward, it will be part of that deal, too.

In terms of what the new Legends adds to the game aside from co-op, there are four gameplay archetypes that players can select and that each corresponds to a type of in-game class system. They level separately though they can share loot and accumulated “ki.” In total, there will be 9 co-op stories for you and a friend to play through in this initial offering though there are Internet rumblings that more is to come given the wild reception this initial installment has received. These aren’t just dead-eyed grind fests, either. The 9 stories have voiceovers and each has a unique concept that underpins it from a gameplay perspective. There is no cutting corners here and that’s pretty much what anyone would expect for an add-on to one of the best games of 2020.

The whole concept reminds this writer of the Final Fantasy XV post-release add-on Comrades, a multiplayer-focused derivation of the main game’s engine. Though that was shut down in June of this year, the DLC lives on with NPC characters taking the place of human counterparts. What made it noteworthy was how much it changed to the game and, indeed, in how many fundamental ways it added to its post-launch life. While the DLC hamster wheel can become a bit tedious in the long run, most of us won’t complain that much if it happens to be attached to a massive blockbuster like Ghost of Tsushima. In other words, we hope to see more of this in the near future.

Have you picked up Ghost of Tsushima yet? Will this new co-op mode incentivize you to give it another look? If you own it, what do you think of this new content? Should more developers update and augment their games after launch with free – or paid – content? Let us know what you think in the comments section below.

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PC Cheaters Causing Cross-Play Havoc in COD: Black Ops Cold War Beta

Maybe we just can’t have nice things after all?

That seems to be the hot take from a recent report that says cross-play on COD: Black Ops Cold War is being hampered by rampant cheating on the part of PC players. Of course, that makes sense since modding a console is a little bit more difficult. Nonetheless, the vaunted cross-play feature in Activision’s money-printing machine is apparently not worth it for console gamers right now and many are choosing to eschew play with their PC counterparts altogether in order to avoid this issue.

So much for being able to pit gamers from different platforms against one another, eh?

For those of you that aren’t first-person shooter aficionados, cheating in those games mainly involves things like an aimbot, no clipping, and other overlays that show you player locations. In the case of the first method, a player’s reticule will focus automatically on a kill shot area on opposing players while no clipping and telling you where everyone is located are pretty self-explanatory cheats. That’s definitely not meant to be an exhaustive list of the ways people cheat in these games but they are some of the most common by far.

What makes all of this even more hilarious is that the cheating is occurring during BETA testing for the game’s multiplayer.

Like this YouTube video so poignantly asks, “who cheats in beta?”

As far as some gamers are concerned, though, this is really just indicative of a much wider-spread problem that makes these games miserable to play for both console and PC gamers. Eurogamer reports that a search of the web already reveals numerous hacks for sale for Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War – a game that doesn’t come out until November 13. Eurogamer further reminds us that this problem also hit Warzone back in April and the plague of cheating on COD properties, in general, is a near-constant in the gaming press.

In the meantime, console gamers are simply turning off cross-play functions to avoid this issue. Not only is that a pragmatic solution, but it is also one that is easily implemented. But with the launch of the game right around the corner, some fans are wondering how smooth everything is going to be on day one if cheats are already this prevalent. And let’s not kid ourselves here. As much as gamers claim to enjoy the campaign, COD is one of those franchises that rises and falls on the success of its multiplayer. Hopefully Activision can work everything out between now and then.  

Do you play Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War multiplayer? Have you had issues with cross-play? Or have you encountered any cheaters from the PC side of things in other cross-play games? Let us know your thoughts on this in the comments section below. Also, before you leave, check out our other video game content here.

A Budget PC Build Guide – How to Get the Best Without Spending the Most

Becoming a member of the PC master race isn’t a very cheap proposition, but it’s one that many gamers hold dear in their hearts for one way or another. Whether you are trying to break free from the shackles of console gaming, want to customize your play with mods, or simply need the most bleeding-edge graphical capabilities out there, building your own PC is probably the most economically efficient way to go about this. But where to start, right? We’ve come up with some useful budget-friendly suggestions to help you build your own gaming PC just in time for some of this fall’s biggest titles. If you’ve wondered on what you should add to your PC, or you’re just curious about our suggestions, read on for tips on how to construct a great gaming PC in 2020 and beyond.


AMD Ryzen 3 3300X

Rocking four cores and eight threads, AMD’s Ryzen 3 3300X has a base clock of 3.8GHz and a turbo clock at 4.3GHz alongside an L3 Cache of 16MB, TDP at 65W, and 24 4.0 PCIe 4.0 lanes for pretty much all of the performance you could ever need for most games.


Nvidia GTX 1660 Super

Coming with 1,408 GPU Cores and a base clock of 1,530MHz (Boost Clock at 1,785MHz), the Nvidia GTX 1660 Super’s 5,027 GFLOPS, 6GB GDDR6 memory and 14 Gbps memory clock with a bandwidth of 336 GB/s compliment the AMD Ryzen 3 3300X’s performance well for crisp, clear 1080p gaming capabilities.


Asrock B550M-HDV

Motherboards don’t get enough love when it comes to the press around the latest PC gaming technology, but the Asrock B550M-HDV is not only an excellent all-around board but also adaptable for future upgrades and usage scenarios. In terms of performance, we have a B550 chipset  with memory coming in at 2x DIMM, 64GB, DDR4-4733 and one PCIe 4.9 x16 and one PCIe 3.0 x1 expansion slot. For video ports, we’ve got a D-Sub, DVI-D, HDMI and four USB 3.2 Gen 1 and two USB 2.0 outlets. Storage is provided via a M.2, 4x SATA and ethernet network connection.


Corsair Vegeance LPX 16GB (2x 8GB) DDR4-3200

When it comes to memory, it seems like you can never have enough. On top of that, you can really break the bank – if you don’t know what to look for in hardware. We think the Corsair Vegeance LPX 16GB is probably the best option for most gamers on a budget. As far as the performance goes, we’ve got capacity coming in at 16GB( 2x 8GB) with a speed of 3200MT/s and timings at 16-18-18-36. Power consumption comes in at a decent 1.35V. There is some wiggle room for overclocking and, because of that, we really think this represents one of the best values for the money on the market right now.


Intel 660p 1TB

A solid-state drive is a must-have for gaming PCs and this option from Intel checks off all of the right boxes with very few issues that could hold it back. That said, the drive does have some issues with slowing down as it nears capacity. Keeping some room available shouldn’t be too hard with 1TB of total storage.


EVGA GD 500W 80+ Gold

Your power supply helps bring everything to life – literally – but it also potentially limits your options for the future if not chosen properly. For a great middle ground, we think the EVGA GD 500W 80+ Gold is great for most everything you’re going to need your gaming PC to do over the next couple of years. That said, it does limit your expansion options moving forward and you might want to look at something a little more powerful if you plan on making adjustments to your build anytime soon.


Phanteks P300 ATX Mid Tower Case

We love the Phanteks P300 ATX Mid Tower Case for its simple yet classic design and ample room for all of hardware listed above. Measuring 450x200x400mm (HxWxD) and weighing 6kg, the Phanteks P300 ATX is a mid-tower with motherboard capability for ATX, Micro-ATX, Mini-ITX and two 3.5″ internal, and two 2.5″ SSD drive bays. Rounding out the tower, we’ve got two USB 3.0 front ports as well as an audio port. To keep your system cool, we’ve got two 120/140mm on the front, two 120/140mm on the top, one 120mm on the rear with a max GPU length of 380mm.

When it comes to audio, the sky is the limit on how much you could spend on your speakers. That said, you could also spend a ton of money on headphones – especially if you want something high quality. In that regard, we can’t help but recommend the Sony WH-1000XM4. Universally considered the best headphones for gaming, this product from Sony cancels out ambient noise from the outside world and totally immerses you in the action. As you can probably already imagine, as a Sony product, it isn’t cheap. In fact, it’s going to set you back close to $300 depending on the retailer. Whether or not that is worth it to you or not depends on your situation but, for that money, there are some pretty competent sound systems out there, too. For cheaper alternatives, the Bose SoundSport Wireless comes in a thin, lightweight form factor while the Jabra Elite Active 75t is often cited as a great all-around set of headphones for gaming and other PC activities. There are more expensive options out there for headphones but we really think you start to have diminishing returns the more expensive a piece of gear gets. One advantage to headphones over speakers is that you can use them on more than just your PC. We recommend that you sit down and budget everything out and go from there since headphones could possibly put you over your budget if you want to go for the top-end models.

Riot Could be Making an Among Us Game

It looks like Riot is gauging interest in an Among Us style game, but using their League of Legends characters and themes.

Among Us has taken over twitch and social media, being one of the most played and viewed games in recent weeks. The game had been out since 2018, but didn’t gain as much traction as it suddenly did these passed several weeks. All the biggest streamers have been jumping on this game of social deduction.

There are other entries into the genre such as Project Winter and Deceit, but none of them blew up quite as much. The friendly graphics and accessibility of the game probably aided in its popularity. Among Us is free to download and play on your mobile device, while the Steam version costs just $4.99. It is quite easy to learn, but difficult to master, which invites new players to try it out.

Riot is always chasing the latest trends now that they are trying to rapidly expand from their base that is League of Legends. It looks like they want to jump on the social deduction train now as you can see by the survey they have sent out.

What do you guys think of a new deception game with League of Legends themes?


Valorant: Riot Adds Changes to Ranked Mode in Act 3

  • Riot tightened up the rank spread for team matchmaking again. So you have to be within 3 tiers so a Gold 1 and Queue with up to a Plat 1.
  • You can select your preferred server, so even though its not guaranteed , you should still experience more consistent ping overall.
  • Personal performance no longer matters in immortal or higher ranks. Your elo gain or loss will only be determined by the end result of winning or losing.

You can read the full notes here