$39.99 Logitech G305 Wireless Gaming Mouse


You can grab the Logitech G305 wireless gaming mouse directly from logitech for only $39.99 (usually $59.99)
Available in both White and Black.

Gamers are probably familiar with the Logitech G Pro Wireless that has been a hot seller for the last year. A well kept secret is that the G305 has the same exact high performance HERO sensor as the much more expensive G Pro. So you get the same lightning fast wireless no lag technology & sensor. The only main differences between the G305 and G Pro are the sizes, weight, and battery type. The G305 uses AA or AAA (with adapter) while the G Pro is rechargeable and compatible with their wireless charging mouse pad as well. The G305 is slightly smaller and heavier. However many enthusiasts have been using a AAA battery with an adapter or piece of tin foil to reduce weight from the AA battery. Using the right AAA batteries, you can get the weight within a few grams of the G Pro. You can also remove the battery cover (if you use claw grip) or even buy custom 3D printed covers to reduce the weight some more. So all in all, you can match the weight of the G Pro.

Stay tuned for a full review of the G305 when we get our order in!

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