$500K Retro Game Collection Tossed Into the Trash


When you go viral, you want to go big but necessarily in this way. After all, having a $500,000 retro video game collection is, by itself, newsworthy. Having that collection unceremoniously dumped into the trash is beyond viral – it’s nearly legendary.

Apparently, that’s what happened to one gamer who left his massive collection back at his parent’s house. In a story that has spread everywhere but is still somewhat shrouded in mystery, a gamer in New York relayed his story on Twitter. Gamer Rant reports that he is an employee of New York City’s J&L Gaming and had kept his extensive collection of games back at his parents’ place.

The collection included 500 plus PlayStation games, most of them sealed according to the poster in a now-deleted Twitter thread. It’s hard to tell whether it was deleted because it is fake or deleted because of the implicit threat to kill someone he made according to Gamer Rant, “People are gonna die. I just found out my mom a few years ago threw out ALL my PS1 games. 500+ games half still sealed. I am going to kill somebody.”

The collection didn’t just include the PSX games but also older consoles some of which are worth quite a lot of money on the market. That includes the original NeoGeo AES, Ataris, a Super Famicom, and much more.

And it gets even worse because the purge was not done with just the video games. The mother in question also threw out all of this hapless gamer’s music equipment as well as a comic book collection. Perhaps most pertinent to the current trend of trading in rare Pokemon and Magic the Gathering cards, the Twitter user also said his rare Magic cards were thrown away, too.

To put this into perspective, we reported not too long ago on the rare copy of Super Mario Bros. 3 that sold for some $175,000 at auction. That’s our way of saying that retro games can certainly make you boatloads of cash, especially if well preserved.

The real question, though, is how does someone throw away so much stuff without even attempting to monetize it at all. Either this person’s mother is one of the most wasteful human beings on the planet or he did something for her to exact this bridge-burning revenge. It’s tough to imagine someone tolerating that amount of stuff in their home for years on end only to toss it all out one day. But, like we said, the Twitter thread is now deleted so who knows what is going down here. To conclude: Cool story, bro.

But, really, we hope some gamer didn’t lose his whole collection.

What would you do if this happened to you? Does this story make sense to you or are you like us and think some detail is missing? Let us know what you think in the comments section.

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