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As an avid mobile gamer, I always play more than one game in my daily rotations. However, some games that I would consider as my “main” games, where it would soak up the majority of my playing time, and “side” games, which take up less time and attention. One of my main games is the ever popular Seven Deadly Sin: Grand Cross, which came out in March 2020. I like to examine games in two very broad characters: Single player and Multiplayer experiences. 

Single Player Experience

The game has several single player elements that is enough to keep an average player entertained. Furthermore, these single player modes are packed with rich rewards that will accelerate your account growth. 

For starters, it does have a story mode. If you are a weebo who follows the anime and manga story, then rest assured that the game has done a fantastic job in following the plot in the form of episodic releases. The early chapters or episodes are easy enough for any beginners to clear with any combination of characters of various rarities. There will be challenges that would require your account to grow to a certain power level in order to conquer, but that is part of the fun. Now if you think the story mode stops there, then you are gravely mistaken. Over the course of a year, the game also introduced several original story lines, featuring original characters. Oh, did I mention that the game also has unique story collaboration with colossal titles like King of Fighters, Attack on Titan, and Reincarnated as Slime?

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There are also demon battles that will spawn a maximum of 6 per day. These demons will drop materials that are required for character limit breaking and upgrades. Though there is an option for you to invite other players to help you defeat these demons, the majority of the veteran players, myself included, opt in for being using other player’s AI to speed things up, even in the hardest difficulty known as Hell. Therefore, I will consider this more of a single player experience unless you are new to the game.

If you are seeking a challenge that would make you want to pull your hair out, rest assured the game got you covered. There is a game mode called the Tower of Trials that will limit your team choices to four characters until you reach a checkout throughout your entire run and you will tackle numerous levels that may put you at additional disadvantages that forces you to think outside of your comfort zone. This game mode is refreshed and updated by season. Once you complete this mode, you have to wait for the next season to be released. In this mode, character equipment, or gears, do matter. 

For every good story, conflicts between protagonist(s) and antagonist(s) are inevitable. It is human nature to want to be innately on the protagonists’ side. However, this is where you may or may not suffer in this next mode that we are going to mention: The Reverse stages. Reverse stages are unique in the sense that you will be using the antagonist characters in your account and battle against the protagonists of the story mode. In other words, you cannot simply focus on rare and overpowered characters to clear this mode. This mode will challenge you to work on free units that are often overlooked. In this mode, gear does not matter.

Training Cove is another single player mode that will challenge you to grow your account by focusing on all the characters under your arsenal. The caveat to this mode is that you will not be allowed to use the same character twice throughout the challenges. So you have to have an ample amount of characters built in order to succeed. In this mode, gear is not a factor.

Multiplayer Experience

There are several multiplayer elements in this game that will always make you wish that you drop some real dough to pull those overpowered characters. The player against player mode are segregated by two types: Geared and Ungeared. As the name suggests, this mode puts your designated pvp team up against either another player or an AI, pending on how long it takes for the game to match you with another human being. By relying on what I believe to be one of the best designed combat system in a gacha game, this is the primary attraction to many players. Players have to understand various characters’ skill effects, passives, and outsmart the opponent with the hands you are given in order to emerge victorious. Now if you are a new player or simply don’t have the best optimal gear for your team, then you can choose to partake in this mode in the ungeared fashion. However, if you are confident in the work you put into your hard-earned equipment for your team, then geared pvp is the best way to show your dominance. To reward those that partake in pvp, you are awarded with the premium currency every week depending on your placement, but you are also rewarded with in-game currencies which you can exchange for either cosmetics or items to better enhance your account.

At the time of this article, there is also a brand new pseudo-pvp mode that pits  3 teams of 4 characters against each other. victory is determined by best of three matches. There is not a lot of human interaction involved in this mode besides setting up your three teams and picking an opponent from a list of opponents. You have the option to skip combat altogether and jump straight to the result. So in a way, you are still “playing” against another player, except not really. By participating in this mode, you will earn currencies which you can exchange for in-game goods.

Occasionally, there will be a special boss mode challenge called “Final Boss”. These are special challenges that will award you a score based on how you complete the challenge. There are mini side conditions that one can build their team around in order to maximize the scoring process. Your best score is pitted against the rest of the player base, and seasonal reward will be distributed according to which percentile your score belongs to. 

Last but not least, if you are involved in a knighthood, or guilds, then you will have the ability to participate in a weekly guild boss. There are currently three different kinds of guild bosses that are in rotation, and each guild boss requires different team setups and strategies in order to maximize your score. The accumulated sum of every member’s score is then calculated as the knighthood overall score. And knighthood with the top 100 scores are rewarded handsomely. The top 32 guilds with the highest knighthood score also qualifies for an unique game mode called knighthood battle, which is basically guild vs. guild.

Closing Thoughts

All in all, Seven Deadly Sin: Grand Cross is a game that is packed with content. This is one of the main games that is in my rotation, and rightfully so, considering this game is also the most time-consuming when it comes to daily grind. However, with the game itself packed with various ways to reward players with premium currencies. So much so that I know many players who are smart with their in-game spending, and can actually matchup very well against whole whales who spend their life savings in this game. If you have time to kill, especially during these trying times of the pandemic, I implore you to give this game a try. 

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