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About us

Gamer Bias is a Creator driven platform that showcases authentic takes on games, hardware, and news while promoting original and engaging content you can’t find anywhere else.



CEO | Co-Founder

An ITX and custom mechanical keyboard enthusiast. When he is not managing Gamer Bias, you can often find him playing TFT and FFXIV, or tinkering with his latest build (PC or Keyboard). He is the caregiver for his 2 needy animals who leech off his hard work: Cisco the Cat and Leia the Lab.

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COO | Streamer

Gaming since 2000. A PC gamer since the beginning. Desktop hardware enthusiast & builder since age 12. Boweldi aims to provide feedback for gamers from a gamer. He particularly enjoys competitive games but indulges in everything in between as well.

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CTO | Co-Founder

The web dude of Gamer Bias. More of a casual gamer who enjoys all things FPS. And by all things: just CS 1.6 and sometimes CSGO. Currently playing Valorant, Apex Legends and League of Legends. Also an active dancer (bboying) and amateur photographer. Wishes SC2 never died.

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