Watchdogs 2 FREE from Ubisoft

Ubisoft was giving Watchdogs 2 out for free during their Forward Conference event, but you can still claim the free gift.

Some users were having some issues claiming the game during the actual event, so it looks like Ubisoft is allowing anyone who visits their web page to claim the digital free game. Head over to this page to claim it now!

You’ll be asked to login and then be notified of your confirmation. Pictured below

Steam Summer Sale Kicking Off

Also $5 off your first $30+ Purchase!

It’s that time of the year again, where Steam guns for our wallets. Steam always puts out crazy seasonal sales with close to rock bottom prices on all types of games. To sweeten the deals even more, your first purchase of $30 or more will net you another $5 discount.

You should see this offer in your cart

There are way too many games on sale to even consider listing them out so check the store out for yourself. Sales will run until July 9 so don’t wait too long!

I’m picking up Remnant: From the Ashes myself for 40% off.

Intel Core i5 9600K on Sale for $175!

Although it may be a last generation Intel desktop chip, it is no slouch. With 6 cores and and a base clock of 3.7GHz and boost clock of 4.7GHz the price drop from $259.99 to $174.99 makes it the perfect option if you are planning a budget build with a z390 Motherboard. With this price drop it will allow you to invest in other parts of your PC Build!

Here is the link to the deal:

Also they offer free shipping for any order over $49.00

$167 – AMD Ryzen 5 3600 Processor

Amazon has the Ryzen 3600 processor on sale right now for only $167.

A very solid processor for budget builds, this cpu definitely packs enough power for gaming. If you get a newer nvidia RTX card, you could easily stream high quality gameplay.

Grab it here

Entertain Yourself with Xbox Game Pass for PC

Grab the game pass on PC for only $1 on the first month and $4.99 per month after.

Xbox game pass for PC has been around for a little while now, but it has been revamped with updates over the last few months. It’s a great time to re-explore all the PC games it has to offer.

New App and UI

If you are running a windows 10 computer, you might have seen your Xbox apps updating, disappearing, or changing over the last year or so. It seems Microsoft has been trying to find the right formula to properly integrate a game launcher into your PC. Even the current Xbox app is labeled as a “beta”. I personally am enjoying their latest iteration of the Xbox app. The game bar integrates well and includes a game pass specific section, so you can quickly navigate every game you have at your disposal. The social tab is nicely integrated as well and you can create group chats or DMs.

A simple and well organized interface

Some of my game picks:

There is plenty in the library to keep you entertained for a hot minute.

Stay tuned for my thoughts on some of these games!
Check out the Game Pass