Crucible Steam Release MAY 20!!


If you haven’t heard, Crucible is being released TOMORROW – May 20, 2020 12:00 p.m. Pacific.

What is Crucible?

Crucible is a new game developed by Amazon Games, debuting on Steam. At a first glance it looks like the game takes elements from other competitive games to put a new spin on shooters. I see hints from MOBAs, competitive shooters with unique character abilities, and objective based shooters. The graphics look pretty spiffy, but hopefully their focus as a competitive game means it’ll be optimized to run on a wide range of PC specs and at high FPS as well.

The 3 game modes seem like they would play quite different, one being more Wingman/Deathmatch style, while others are objective based similar to Domination (COD) or capturing bosses like you would in League/Dota. There will be 10 characters or hunters at launch, each with special abilities and weapons. The game also involves a load out configuration in which you select in the pregame and gain access to as you level up by killing enemy NPCs. You can see where they are taking influences from various different games to create something completely new!

I’m excited for a new competitive 3rd person shooter and to see how Amazon’s new venture into gaming ramps up.
I don’t want to make too many assumptions just yet, so expect a follow up initial impressions review after we enjoy the launch!
Take a look at the game modes available on launch as Steam describes it

Game Modes

Heart of the Hives
Hives are lethal drone-spitting terrors that spawn across the battlefield. Capturing the hearts they leave behind as they die is your key to victory. Each match is a four-on-four fight to be the first team to capture three hearts.
Alpha Hunters
There are no safety nets in Alpha Hunters: once you fall in combat, that’s it. Eight teams of two fight to be the last team—or solo hunter—standing. If your teammate dies, you can form a temporary alliance with another hunter, but that temporary truce will be broken if both of you make it to the final three.
Harvester Command
Essence harvesters are scattered across Crucible’s surface. Each one you control generates Essence points for your eight-player team. Each harvester your enemies hold will cancel out your own. You’ll need to control a majority of harvesters in order to rack up any Essence—the more, the better. You can also take out enemy hunters for points. The first team to 100 points wins!

Source: Steam

Check out the character reveals

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