Ghost of Tsushima’s Free Co-Op Update Part of Awesome New Trend in Gaming


Ghost of Tsushima might have fooled many of us into thinking it was From Software’s latest masterpiece when it launched back in July of this year.

But Sucker Punch Entertainment not only showed us all that imitation is indeed the sincerest form of flattery but that, sometimes, the student can become a master in his own right.

That’s probably what makes this news of a free co-op mode for Ghost of Tsushima that much more exciting: It isn’t like the devs needed to give us anything else in what some already considered a pretty perfect game.

Yet this is the modern era of gaming and “pretty perfect” isn’t enough, at least by the developer’s own standards.

Now gamers that weren’t taken in with Ghost of Tsushima’s amazing action and breathtaking visuals have another reason to give the game a look and that is its awesome new co-op mode.

Basically you get the best of Ghost of Tsushima but this time with a friend along for the ride. So how does it work?

Well, if you already own the game, it’s a free download. For those who purchase it moving forward, it will be part of that deal, too.

In terms of what the new Legends adds to the game aside from co-op, there are four gameplay archetypes that players can select and that each corresponds to a type of in-game class system. They level separately though they can share loot and accumulated “ki.” In total, there will be 9 co-op stories for you and a friend to play through in this initial offering though there are Internet rumblings that more is to come given the wild reception this initial installment has received. These aren’t just dead-eyed grind fests, either. The 9 stories have voiceovers and each has a unique concept that underpins it from a gameplay perspective. There is no cutting corners here and that’s pretty much what anyone would expect for an add-on to one of the best games of 2020.

The whole concept reminds this writer of the Final Fantasy XV post-release add-on Comrades, a multiplayer-focused derivation of the main game’s engine. Though that was shut down in June of this year, the DLC lives on with NPC characters taking the place of human counterparts. What made it noteworthy was how much it changed to the game and, indeed, in how many fundamental ways it added to its post-launch life. While the DLC hamster wheel can become a bit tedious in the long run, most of us won’t complain that much if it happens to be attached to a massive blockbuster like Ghost of Tsushima. In other words, we hope to see more of this in the near future.

Have you picked up Ghost of Tsushima yet? Will this new co-op mode incentivize you to give it another look? If you own it, what do you think of this new content? Should more developers update and augment their games after launch with free – or paid – content? Let us know what you think in the comments section below.

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