Horizon Zero Dawn Coming to PC August 7th

The exclusive PS4 game finally has a set date for its PC release.

Horizon Zero Dawn marks the first PS4 exclusive from Sony that will get a PC version. Sony is planning to release more of their exclusives onto PC. Zero Dawn was originally release in 2017 for PS4, so it has been out for quite some time. Doing a PC release would be sure to boost the game’s sales.

This doesn’t look like some half-baked port either. You can see in the trailer below they will be catering to what the PC gamers want.

  • Unlocked frame rates
  • Dynamic foliage
  • Ultra wide support
  • Improved graphics all around
  • Benchmarking

It is always amazing to see what games can achieve when they have the freedom to utilize high end PC hardware. Horizon looks absolutely stunning in the trailer. We can’t wait to play it.

The game is already showing in the Steam Store

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