How to Choose a “Healthy” Gacha Game

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With hundreds of options on google play store or app store, how do you know which games are a good avenue to sink your precious time and hard-earned money? 

As a gacha game veteran, I generally try the game for approximately one week to gauge the state of the game. There are several factors to consider when choosing a new gacha game. They can broad categorized as below:

  1. Graphics
  2. Gacha Model
  3. Daily Grind Tasks
  4. Holiday Events

Graphics is more or less a personal preference. Some players enjoy games with 3D graphics, while others may prefer to play games with an anime-like aesthetics. However, the key thing to watch out for is consistency in graphics. If one character model seems elaborately detailed while the other characters looks like Melodias in “Seven Deadly Sin” season 3 during the fight with Escanor, then there is some serious underlying issue that may be the root reason for the inconsistency. This could mean that the company may be lacking funding to keep up with the high cost of production or have mismanagement in the development cycle.

If you are a die-hard free to play player, this factor may be of less concern. But if you ever dance with the idea of potentially spending any amount of your money into the game, then this is by far the most important factor. Games have to make profit for the company to keep up with game maintenance and development. And in gacha games, the most obvious and direct way for a company to earn their keep is through the gacha system. You have to consider what is locked behind the gacha pay wall. Sometimes, the game will take a singular approach and only lock characters behind the gacha system. Games like Dragon Ball Z: Dokkan Battle and Fate: Grand Order are prime examples. However, sometimes multiple game elements will be locked behind gacha. For example, King’s Raid put both characters and top-tier game equipment behind a gacha pay wall. If you are dead set on spending money on any game, then make sure that your dollar will go the furthest it can in the game. If an absurd amount of elements in the game are locked behind a paywall, then it might be best to look for entertainment elsewhere.

The next vital element is your daily grind dedication. Every gacha game should have daily tasks built into the game to allow players to earn a small amount of the premium currency. In my experience, daily grind can go from as little as 5 minutes, to as long as 2 hours to complete the daily tasks. This is to incentivize players to log a set amount of time in the game per day, which will benefit the games algorithmic appearance in the store. Depends on how much time you want to dedicate to the game everyday, this can be a determining factor. If you don’t have the time in the day to spend 3 hours to make sure you get your daily grind done, then perhaps explore a more casual game choice. 

Last but not least, holidays also give game companies chances to snatch your wallet. Big holidays like Halloween or Christmas are often accompanied by holiday-themed releases. To put more salt to the wound, these releases are oftentimes labeled as “limited release” to celebrate the occasion. However, if a company doesn’t have the funding to celebrate big holidays, then that is a red flag indicating that the company does not have the player’s best interests in their mind when publishing their games, and I highly recommend avoiding games that fail to celebrate special occasions with their players.

Of course, there are many other factors that can serve as indicators to provide insight into the health of the game. However, the aforementioned factors can be used as a starting point to help you choose which game to sink your time into until you have developed your own set of standards to judge gacha games. Until next time, happy hunting!

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