How to Optimize Your Daily Grind on Mobile Games


If you are a gaming degenerate like me, then you are bound to have a list of games that you are playing on a daily basis. At a glance, this seems like a daunting and impossible task to juggle multiple games everyday to effectively progress your accounts or characters while having a job or life outside of your battlestation. If you struggle to effectively divide your precious time and really don’t want to drop the game you love, then perhaps I can be of assistance.

There are a couple factors that must be identified before you can execute your optimized daily grind. They are listed as follow:

  1. How much time would each game take to finish daily quests?
  2. How active do you have to be for each game?
  3. How many screens do you possess?
  4. How much do you enjoy the game when actively playing it?

Majority of the people would have access to a desktop. If you haven’t already, I highly recommend downloading an application called Bluestack, which is a mobile emulator that will allow you to run mobile games on PC. In addition, Bluestack has the ability to run multiple instances at once! I generally run two Bluestack instances in addition to my actual mobile phone during grind time. 

Once the setup is configured, then you have to figure out which game requires your attention the most. A lot of mobile games have built in auto-run functionality, which is a godsend for degenerates like us. For games like Arknights and Epic Seven, you generally don’t need to be actively involved when clearing stages if you have already beaten the stage before. For games like this, I generally set it in motion while being actively involved with two other games. Another thing to note is that some stages for some games also go through a lengthy animation or stage load time in order for the stage to be engaged. If you time your rotation well, you can use this lag time to set up another game, and when the second game is set up, then your first game is ready for your next action. 

To complete your “checklist” of mobile game to-do lists, I highly recommend prioritizing games that take the least amount of time first. Games such as Dragon Ball Z: Dokkan Battle and Fate: Grand Order fall into such categories. Generally these two games do not require an extensive amount of grinding until special events or holiday events kicks in. Knock these games out so fast so you can dedicate reach completion status faster.

Last but not least, you got the games that you need to actively play in order to complete the daily grind. Games such as Genshin Impact, Dragon Ball Legends, and PvP mode of any games would require your utmost attention in order to do well. This is the last game that you should touch in your rotation, as they not only take up your time, but also your active attention. 

To summarize, once you have successfully classified your games, then set the game or games that require the least amount of your attention in motion while you actively grind away more attention-seeking games. Using this strategy and 3 screens, I manage to finish daily grind for nine mobile games in about 90 minutes. I hope this mapping strategy helps!

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