MH Rise: A Grand Entry into the Franchise

Monster Hunter Rise Weapons

Monster Hunter Rise has been released for about two weeks at the time this particle is written. Most dedicated and hardcore players have begin their end-game grind journey. If you haven’t explored the world of Monster Hunter Rise yet, fix yourself and get on that.

Throughout my observation through reddit forums, Monster Hunter discord, and many other social media platforms, many players have decided to embark on their monster slaying career with Monster Hunter Rise, and I concur. There is probably no greater entry point into the franchise than Monster Hunter Rise. 

But wait, isn’t there more mechanics involved tha Monster Hunter world? Doesn’t that make Monster Hunter Rise a harder entry point as there are more elements to master in the game?

Well, not exactly.

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MH Rise: A Grand Entry into the Franchise 1

To make my case, let’s examine the additional mechanics that exist in Monster Hunter Rise and not in Monster Hunter World. Outside of the interface being streamlined and traveling around different parts of town made easy, the most unique and outstanding mechanic in Monster Hunter Rise is the wirebug weapon mechanic. 

There are fourteen different weapons to choose from in Monster Hunter Rise. Each weapon brings about a different playstyle, pacing, and ultimately playing experience. Needless to say, each weapon also has its own set of weaknesses and strengths that may appeal to different audiences. To further enhance the variety in playstyle, each weapon in Monster Hunter Rise is also given two different weapon actions using wirebugs. These wirebug moves can be defensive, offensive, or even provide utility that may remediate the weakness of a particular weapon. For example, heavy weapons like the great sword and hammer are notorious for its insane high damage output. But they are also known for its disadvantages in mobility. However, with the wirebug weapon interaction, both weapons are now given vastly improved mobility and added means of a window of opportunities to inflict damage on monsters.

These wirebugs not only added extra elements to experiment around, but provided more forgiving grounds for both new and veteran hunters to try out new weapons that they would not have otherwise. This makes Monster Hunter Rise a fantastic way for every hunter to go out of their comfort zones and enjoy the grind to greatness.

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