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Breaking news – Mixer just announced that it will be shutting down.

It seems Microsoft quietly announced that they will be shutting down Mixer. The platform will still be accessible until July 22, 2020. After that date, the website will no longer exist and force a redirect to Facebook Gaming’s page. Yes, it looks like Microsoft will just be offloading all their streaming to Facebook.

What about the existing contracts and partners on Mixer?

Partners will be automatically given partner status on Facebook’s platform as well. Those crazy contracts that were given to the biggest streamers will be honored “closely” as stated by Microsoft. Everyone else who still had monetization enabled on Mixer will also be transferred to the monetization programs on Facebook.

All people with leftover embers/sparks and subscription services will be paid out in xbox gift cards. Although they are encouraging viewers to spend their balances as the creators will get paid double for the month.

Its definitely a shocking move and I wonder what the big streamers who invested their time into Mixer are thinking right now.

Post from Microsoft here.

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