New Month…New Battle Royal – Hyper Scape


Ubisoft releases their Hyper Scape beta, if you can get a drop from twitch.

There is most definitely no shortage of battle royale style games nowadays. Ubisoft now has their own entry into the genre, titled Hyper Scape. Although to be fair this game is wildly different from any other BR game that we have seen to date.

The game is set in a hyper future setting and is much faster paced than most any other BR game we’ve seen. The game paces similar to Unreal Tournament. Extremely fast with lots of mobility and fast aiming. The game is so futuristic, you don’t even switch weapons with movement, they just materialize and float into your hands.

You’ll need to watch a twitch stream of Hyper Scape to earn a drop that has beta access. Similar to what they did to Valorant. Although a neat system, I don’t know how to feel about exploiting this beta drop system to artificially inflate viewership on twitch.

The game also has many unique mechanics to boot. On top of the unique city scape setting with tall skyscrapers, they deviated greatly from standard BR mechanics. There is no airplane to drop you, instead you deploy in a launch pod that you can control right off the bat. There is also no rarity level of guns, but rather you can fuse guns and make a more powerful version. You also get to pick up 2 equipment items at a time, which can offer things like healing/armor or protection/mobility. The equipment can also be fused to upgrade potency or cool down.

Mobility is key in this game, so you’ll find the map is riddled with jump pads and your character also has the ability to slide while running for those sick dodge moves.

There is also a twitch integration where viewers of streamers in Hyper Scape can vote on events that happen in the game real time. These events can include things like infinite ammo, enemy reveal, low gravity, and so on. Pretty nifty and a fun way to mess with the streamers that you watch.

Check back for more initial impressions as I log a few more hours into the game.

How to get into the beta.

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