New World: Amazon’s MMO You Haven’t Heard Of

new world

Closed Beta set to arrive in July 2020.

Amazon is getting ready for its closed beta of New World, their new open world MMO. The game is planned to be released only for PC with an official release on August 25th, 2020. The Steam page is already available with pre-purchase options.

The game is currently in alpha, with the closed beta right around the corner, you can sign up for a chance to get in on it, or simply pre-order the game for guaranteed access. Most of the people in the alpha are still under NDA, so we won’t know mass opinions on the game until we arrive in the beta.

According to developers, the game will revolve around a classless system and players will get to choose what they want to progress in. Player will work to establish settlements and territories while fighting off the “corruption” that will create resistance and fight against you as you progress deeper into the world.

Official New World Trailer

Initial game play footage reveals a pretty fluid combat system where timing and skill may play a bigger role than in other MMOs. Many are optimistic about Amazon’s first entry into the MMO space following their recent release of Crucible, which was an entry into the shooter genre.

Find the latest on the official New World website

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