Raider.IO – Good or Bad for World of Warcraft

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Raider.IO, a World of Warcraft fansite, launched on January 24th, 2017, about four months after the mythic + system is introduced to the game. You can say it changed how group finding works in World of Warcraft ever since for better and worse.

According to their website, what they provide is “ranking and details Raid progression and Mythic + Keystone Progression.” Essentially, when you have the addon/client installed and you hover over another character’s nameplate, you will see their mythic + score and how many raid boss they have defeated this season. 
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The Raider.IO client shows your character, its class, item level, progress on the raid boss, your best keystone run and your M+ score. 

So what about it and how did it change World of Warcraft? Before Raider. IO, there were no easy ways to know a player’s experience or skill but to look at their gear and achievement. 

The site/addon provided players with an easy way to see the players’ experience based on their raider.IO score (IO score). I say “experience” because Raider.IO is essentially just data on what a player has accomplished. Typically, a player with a higher IO means they have accomplished more and have a higher understanding of the game, and running mythic + keystones with them likely means that you have a higher chance of timing the key. 

However, having a high IO score doesn’t automatically translate to a “good” player. There are many channels that are selling +15 carry runs to inflate the buyer’s IO. Similarly, there are players who are coming back to the games and don’t have the time to run these keystones over and over again, unable to get into groups because they don’t have the IO score to be desired.  

While Raider.IO definitely provided convenience to WoW players in group finding, it also caused a headache for the players that don’t have a decent IO score. It definitely sucks when a player is high in item level but gets declined for a low-level key because of their IO score. Yet, we can’t blame the key owner to want someone who has the experience, so they can run the smooth key. I think in general, players have to understand that Raider.IO is just data and a tool that you can use to your advantage. 

What are your thoughts on the Raider.IO? Do you think its better for the wow community or worst?

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