Review: Scariest $2 Game Ever? The Swine


Is this game worth the $2 on steam? Yes.

The Swine was recently released on June 18, 2020, developed and published by Vincent Lade. To give a quick synopsis with no spoilers – you are essentially living in what seems to be a cabin in the middle of nowhere with just yourself and your wife. Some creepy people in pig masks show up and the rest of the story is for you to find out by playing the game.

Game Play

The game is essentially an interactive story. You’re just there to experience it, your actions don’t have any effect on the outcome aside from advancing the story. There is no combat or any skill involved. However, that is not a bad thing. This game is meant to tell a story and it does it quite effectively. The story keeps you guessing and uneasy; it clearly establishes the spooky horror ambiance. I definitely got my fair share of spooks.

There’s something special about playing a story where you are in control of a character versus watching a movie. You’ll hear a lot of people say they love scary movies, but they can’t play scary games because it’s too immersive and the spook factor is threefold.

The game is only about 45 minutes long, but I took a little over an hour because I spent a little extra time being too spooked to progress. The game is short, but it is only $2 and I think it is worth every penny.


The game has great graphics, its not cutting edge, but PLENTY good looking to be appealing to the eye. The only thing that was weird was that the books you could pick up and look at seemed to be in ultra low resolution to the point where I couldn’t read the book title. It could have been one of my settings, but other than that, very pleased.

Find The Swine on Steam – what do you have to lose? besides 2 bucks… and some sleep.

You can also watch me play the whole thing – *SPOILER ALERT*
Featuring Bonus Outlast Game play too…

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