Sega Game Gear Micro revives mobile classics in an insanely tiny package

Sega Game Gear Micro handheld console

What’s a Sega Game Gear Micro without a…Big Window Micro…?

Back in 1990, Sega aimed to take on Nintendo’s popular Game Boy handheld console with their own Sega Game Gear. The Sega Game Gear was a larger, more powerful device that played games in full color with a back-lit display.

This was leagues ahead of the Game Boy’s dim, green-colored screens, but its large size, poor battery life, and less compelling library lead the Game Gear to fall short of Nintendo’s success.

Size won’t be an issue this time around, as Sega announced the Sega Game Gear Micro, a teeny, tiny, re-release of the 30-year-old handheld available in four different colors with four unique titles. The handheld is powered by either AAA batteries or micro-USB and features the now elusive headphone jack and a speaker. If the Sega Game Gear Micro can have a headphone jack, why can’t modern phones?

The black Game Gear Micro comes with Sonic the Hedgehog, Puyo Puyo 2, OutRun, and Royal Stone. The blue console features Sonic & Tails, Gunstar Heroes, Sylvan Tale, and Baku Baku Animal. Yellow gets Shining Force Gaiden, Shining Force Gaiden 2, Shining Force Gaiden Conflict, and Nazo Puyo Arle no Roux, Lastly, the red unit houses Megami Tensei Gaiden: Last Bible, Megami Tensei Gaiden: Last Bible Special, The GG Shinobi, and Columns.

Now you may be wondering how you are going to possibly see anything on these tiny 1.5 inch screens. Well, you are in luck, since Sega is throwing in Big Window Micro if you order all four consoles at once. You can’t purchase a Big Window Micro on its own, however. You have to drop around $200 to be able to see those jumps you need to make in Sonic & Tails.

Sega Game Gear Micro Big Window
Make your tiny screen feel less miniature with the aptly named, Sega Big Window

So far the Game Gear Micro is only available for order in Japan, but ordering things from Japan on Amazon is actually super easy, there is even an English version of the site. If the Game Gear Micro ever comes stateside, you’ll hear all about it here on Gamer Bias!

Source: Sega

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