shroud Returns to Twitch


He also randomly announces going pro.

Shroud makes a BIG return to twitch today, playing Valorant on live stream. Also sporting a brand new layout, intro video, and facial hair. Shroud recently took over a month off from streaming, being quiet and inactive since mixer shut down and he did not opt into a contract with Facebook gaming. Everybody was wondering if he would return to twitch or stay away from streaming and go strictly pro.

For those of you who are not familiar, shroud has been one of the biggest streamers in the first person shooter genre for a long time now.

He did randomly mention going pro during his stream saying “Am I going pro in valorant – Yes.” I managed to capture a clip of it here. He doesn’t go into any detail after that and quickly changes the subject, but it does seem to confirm that he will be going pro.

During his stream he amassed over 500,000 concurrent live viewers at one time which is absolutely impressive. To put that into perspective, he had more viewers than an entire categories of games did. Viewers definitely welcomed him back with open arms and his subscription count immediately skyrocketed to the tens of thousands within a few hours.

He casually played some ranked Valorant games on his main account which apparently he did not use to play any ranked games as his Act 1 and Act 2 stats were showing blank. He was playing in diamond tier during the live stream, but quickly made it to immortal.

You can catch the replay of his first stream back below!

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