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  • Streamers who are serious about growing as a streamer and building a community.
  • No requirements in terms of current stream performance (viewer count, followers, or subscribers)
  • No toxic or inappropriate behavior (please use common sense)
  • We want people who have a passion for gaming and want to be part of a positive community!
  • We are open to various game genres that fit our image.
  •  Stream at least 2 times a week (Total 4 hours minimum)
  • Must provide a quality stream
    • Decent quality face cam on most streams
    • Decent Microphone to communicate with audience
    • 720p or higher streaming
    • Active with the audience
  • Gamer Bias links on twitch page
    • Link out to gamerbias.com
    • Link to Gamer Bias Discord server
  • Have GamerBiasOfficial as a moderator for your twitch channel
  • Be active on the Gamer Bias Discord server
    • Use designated voice channel in Gamer Bias server when streaming
    • Must increase in levels in discord server (based on engagement & chat)
    • Active recruitment to the discord
      • Invite at least 5 people per month with designated discord link
  • Support from our discord server
  • Paid traffic ads to your twitch stream (limited basis, subject to availability)
  • An embed your stream on our homepage (shows your stream when you go live)
  • A dedicated section for you in our about page with link outs to all your social media
  • Post out on our social media channels

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