Winners of the 2nd Gamer Bias Valorant Tournament – MFC!

Congrats to MFC for winning our 2nd Valorant Tournament.

Shout out to team Supreme Royale Gaming for placing 2nd and giving us an exciting finals match!

Thank you to all of the participants for joining us and competing.

  • MFC
  • Supreme Royale Gaming
  • Off-Meta
  • Oligarchy Gaming
  • Unknown

Stay tuned for more tournaments with new games as well!

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Fall Guys Update Coming

The uber-popular multiplayer party royale game Fall Guys is getting a much-needed update, developer Mediatonic announced.

This patch will be aimed at addressing certain player complaints as well as a few system-specific issues that have crept up since the game’s release on August 4.

And a new patch isn’t the only news that the Fall Guys had up their sleeve.

As for the patch itself, we’re looking at a new round selection algorithm that will only pit teams of equal sizes against one another, sorting party members in Spectator mode, and a few PS4-only changes including inverted controls and other customization options for the player’s controller.

Other changes include the inability to grab onto certain objects in Slime Climb, a change in the geometry for Jump Showdown to prevent gameplay exploits as well as a quick fix to the auto-panning issue, and some UI changes to make purchases easier and more clear in their language.

Mediatonic also announced that the top five reasons behind the game crashing were fixed and also implemented some visual fixes to the way the outfits display. There were also some graphical adjustments introduced for non-Pro PlayStation 4 models. The Japanese market got the option to change the button binding for Jump while Trophy and Achievements are now displayed correctly in languages other than English. 

Interestingly, one update that the social media team posted but maybe wasn’t supposed to mention is the fix to the “speed nerf” that the yellow team had. The tweet says, exactly, “Removed move speed nerf from Yellow Team (Don’t post this one).” Who knows what that is about.

In other news, Geoff Keighley is using none other than Gamescom to announce Season 2 for Fall Guys on August 25. 

Fall Guys has become somewhat of a sensation since its release and it’s really no surprise. Capitalizing on the popularity of the “battle royale” genre plus the already-addictive gameplay that underpins titles like the Mario Party games and you have a potent combination.

And, as far as recommendations go, we can’t help but give Fall Guys two thumbs up. It’s not only a good time but it is strangely addictive. The online component really takes everything to the next level and provides you with an almost infinite amount of replay value. Beyond that, however, it is really cool to see the battle royale idea going in new directions.

Since it is geared towards the broadest audience possible, this game is great for anyone looking for a good time. You don’t need to worry about bringing a crowd with you and you also don’t have a huge amount of pressure on your back to be the best. There’s something really relaxing and freeing about the huge team sizes and the chaos that ensues. Many of the challenges actually feel like that old Japanese gameshow Takeshi’s Castle and the ensuing antics also have that kind of chaotic slapstick quality to them.

What about you? Do you plan on getting Fall Guys or do you already have it? Let us know your thoughts on this story in the comments.

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Gamer Bias is Hosting a Valorant Tourney!

We’re hosting our 2nd Tournament, with a new format! Visit our tournament page for details and sign-up!

This tournament will be FREE to enter again, so don’t hesitate to participate! $50 cash prize to the winner of the tournament.
The new format will include a round robin group stage, so you’ll have more than one chance to make it to the next round!
Registration is open until Sept 3rd! Tournament begins Sept 5th! Only 8 team spots available, so don’t wait to sign up.

Sign up and Details here!

Review: Pwnage Ultra Custom Wireless Mouse

Bonus unboxing footage too.

There’s been a lot of buzz around the Pwnage branded mouse as they capture a market that seemingly is untapped for the most part by bigger brand names.

Pwnage brings us their “Ultra Custom Wireless Mouse” – a lightweight, wireless, and color customizable mouse with easily replaceable parts. I received mine recently, so lets talk about what you get with it – Mouse in white or black, extra back cover, extra primary button covers, extra rubber dpi buttons, USB C cable, USB wireless receiver, and button spacers. You also have the option to order an extra set of colored pieces if you wish!

image 1
The $90 base mouse still comes with an entire extra set of panels in the opposite base color.

The mouse comes in at only 69 grams using the honeycomb shell, while the solid shell bumps it up to 73 grams. hardcore users can use no cover at all, or even take out the battery and use it in wired mode only – but I think we can agree that defeats the appeal of this mouse. To put this weight into perspective, the 2 most popular big brand wireless mice right now are still both heavier – Razer Viper Ultimate (74g) and the Logitech G Pro Wireless (80g). However, the most impressive part is that the Pwnage is lighter WHILE being slightly bigger and more ergonomic. The G Pro and Viper are both ambidextrous, so some people find them less comfortable than an ergo mouse. I personally found the shape of the Pwnage to be suitable for medium to large hands, smaller hands might want to look elsewhere.

So the Pwnage so far on paper is more appealing than its main competitors, but how does it perform? The sensor in the Pwnage is the PAW3335, which is a high performing, low power consumption sensor. I also own a Logitech G305 and comparing them side by side, I can say the Pwnage works almost identically to the G305 Hero Sensor – at least from what a human can detect. The DPI levels match very closely after I set them both to 800. The mouse does go up to 16,000 dpi, but i don’t know what sane person would game at such an absurd dpi.

All the buttons have the perfect click and resistance; I often found myself doing a lot of misclicks on other mice, this was probably the first mouse I pulled out of the box and didn’t have to re-learn how to not accidentally click all the time. The side buttons are placed perfectly as well, no complaints. The scroll wheel includes an RGB effect and the rear has a RGB strip that lights up along with the Pwnage logo itself, which is visible only with the honeycomb shell, the solid shell will hide it.

image 2
How I set my Pwnage mouse up.

Overall, I am very happy with my purchase. The features beat out the more expensive brand name mice, while having a sensor that is just as good. You simply get more accessories/features for less money. At the time of writing, I purchased my Pwnage for $90 plus shipping, while the G Pro and Viper Ultimate are going for around $150, although I’ve seen those prices flex by about $20.

Also Pro Tip: I used a Gen X USB C magnetic charging tip and cable to make charging this mouse effortless. The magnetic cable just snaps into place. You can find them on amazon here.

Valorant: New Agent Killjoy Analysis

Valorant Act II is just around the corner and it’s bringing a new Agent with it.

Along with an overhauled ranking system, that I’m hyped for – Killjoy will be introduced. Her skill set details have been released:

  • Alarm Bot
    • Essentially a landmine version of Raze’s boombot. You can throw it down and it will go dormant, if someone enters its range, it will walk up to them and explode in the fasion of Raze’s boombot.
  • Turret
    • Self-explanatory turret, you throw it down and it covers a 180 degree cone and will shoot any enemy that enters that field of vision.
  • Nanoswarm
    • Looks like an AOE damage grenade. You can throw it like a grenade and then activate it to create a circle area of damage that lasts for a few seconds.
  • Lockdown
    • Looks like you place it down (can’t throw it) and it needs to wind up for about 10 seconds. Once it winds up it will cause a slow effect on anyone within a *very large radius*. The slow lasts for 8 seconds and also disarms them.


Killjoy is looking to be a very viable hero. Her defensive capabilities and even offensive both look strong af. I can sense a cross between Cypher and Raze.

On defense, her turret can quite literally cover an entire extra angle for you. The Alarm bot can work just as well as a Cypher trip wire to alert you when an enemy is entering and Nano swarm can slow a push from the enemy team. Not to mention lockdown can help push enemies off an entire site or force them to try to look for the device to shoot down, pushing them out of position. If you crossfire with your turret, enemies will have to choose between shooting you or the turret, either way you can deal some damage to them before they push the site.

Offensively, once again, lockdown can defend a site for an entire 10 seconds once you have the bomb down, or you can use it to push even. Grenades are always useful, so nanoswarm and even the alarm bot can clear deep corners if you don’t want to wide peek them. The turret remains useful for covering the bomb as well, so if you are the only player left, you get an extra set of eyes.

I get the feeling everyone will call Killjoy broken. Reyna definitely was overpowered on release, and she has since received some ninja nerfs making her more in line with the rest of the roster.

Check out the ability videos below:

Valorant Act II Gets New Ranking System

Valorant released details on the new ranking system and new agent leaks

Ranking has been the root cause of much tilt and anger among all Valorant players. Understandably, deranking stresses everyone out and tough games against hackers and smurfs doesn’t help any. Riot has released details on their latest overhauled ranking system which introduces a ton of interesting features and mechanics.

Big changes:

  • They will display Act Ranks which are essentially a summary of your games for the season
  • You will have a badge that acts like a heat map that shows your best wins of the season at the highest level you have reached
  • A new “proven skill” concept will be shown which is the 9th best game you had of the season
  • Games at higher ranks will push out your lower ranked games
  • Act I may not get this new badge according to Riot’s post
image 6
Your act rank will be a compilation of your wins at the highest levels you played at

This new concept should help curve the smurfing problem as people will be motivated to keep playing on their mains since losses will be scrubbed out as you win more games at higher ranks. Many people are achieving a rank that they are happy with and preserving their accounts while creating new ones to stomp on lower ranked players. At the end of it all, only your highest ranked and best game wins will matter and be displayed.

BONUS for you guys, the new agent has leaked – Killjoy. More details to follow soon. Stay tuned.

Rogue Company Beta Out Now

Find out how to get a beta drop key

The new Hi-Rez developed game, Rogue Company, has entered its Beta which is open to those who preorder the game or receive a beta drop or key. The game will be available on all major consoles – PC, PS4, Xbox, Switch. As for PC, it will be available via the Epic Games Store. Good news – it seems cross-play will be enabled across all platforms so no friend is left behind.

The game is another cross breed of sorts blending elements of different games into a new shooter. It plays as a third person and the camera setup reminds me very closely of Fortnite or even The Division. You’ll also see that each character has a special ability and/or a passive ability, kind of like Rainbow Six Siege.

The game currently will play in a 4v4 or 2v2 objective format.

How to get into the beta:

Once again another game adopts the twitch drop strategy. You know the drill, link your account to Epic/Hi Rez and turn on a stream with drops enabled and wait. Find a stream here

Stay tuned for thoughts on the game once I can get my hands on a beta drop.

Valorant 1.04 Patch Summary and Thoughts

Patch notes for 1.04 have been released!

Lets dive into it – Notable Changes:

  • Huge Viper Buffs
    • She can stand outside of her ult for 15 seconds now before it goes down, up from 5 seconds
    • She can end her ult early manually
    • Ult now obscures enemy mini map
    • Enemies are brighter in her ult near sight from afar (easier for Viper to see enemies)
    • Decay increased to 15 per second and stays for 2.5 seconds
    • Poison cloud and toxic screen don’t use extra fuel when both active
  • Raze & Brimstone ults now cost 7 instead of 6 ult charges
  • Brimstone stim beacon range no longer visible to enemies and can’t be used by enemies
  • Cypher can pick up his cages ONLY in buy phase
  • Fixed Classic pistol jumping full right click accuracy and buffed the pistol accuracy overall
  • Other UI polishing and improvements

So lets talk about these agent balance changes.

Viper got a massive buff, I already thought she was slightly underrated, but they completely buffed everything about her. I think we will be seeing viper is many more games now. She can juke more by leaving her ult and obscuring enemy mini maps and I already thought her visibility was fine inside her ultimate. Decay was a little weak, so I welcome to new effects to it.

Raze and Brim ult charge increase was a good change. Raze ult has definitely been controversial since the beginning, even having Shroud and Summit argue about it. It wasn’t uncommon for Brim to constantly clutch rounds by ulting the bomb. I am surprised they didn’t touch the Raze satchels though as pros satchel hopping across the map was supposed to get a nerf at some point. I do like the Brim beacon buff, letting enemies use it and being extremely visible was a terrible position giveaway, but now a well placed one can be hidden from enemy vision.

Cypher can pick up his cages ONLY during the buy phase, so they helps out newer players or people trying new cage spots as they can reposition them if they mess up their one ways or whatever. I still hate his camera though and how it can be placed so high up that you can’t see/hear/shoot it. I still think those cameras are borderline game breaking and people constantly find new obscure spots to put it in. A good Cypher can essentialy give a team pseudo wall hacks.

Classic pistol jump shotgunning is gone. Thank god.

Now fix smurfing, Riot, Thanks.

Full Notes

Intel’s Next-Gen, Next-Gen Alder Lake Already Showing Up on Benchmarks

The future might be here sooner rather than later.

Because Intel’s next-gen, next-gen processors are already appearing on the SiSoft Sandra database.

Slated for release in 2022, this represents Intel’s path forward. Called Alder Lake, these processors will arrive following the 11th generation Rocket Lake that is on tap for next year. That could change pending a September 2 announcement from Intel though that would be a big surprise indeed.

It is also the processor destined to bring to the desktop Intel’s vaunted “Hybrid Technology” or the use of a larger CPU core in tandem with four smaller ones as PC Gamer is reporting.

In terms of design, the Alder Lake will employ a big.LITTLE configuration with a top-end processor of eight Golden Cove cores. The big.LITTLE design choice is seen as somewhat noteworthy. While it remains to be seen what Intel does with it, many industry watchers are somewhat perplexed by what they are hearing thus far about Alder Lake.

2 1
Intel’s Next-Gen, Next-Gen Alder Lake Already Showing Up on Benchmarks 1

So why is this showing up on SiSoft this early?

Well, some people speculate that the Alder Lake processor could be coming out sooner than 2022 – like in 2021 to be exact. Thus far people are trying to read the tea leaves about what Alder Lake will be able to do based upon what we know about Rocket Lake.

That’s an inexact science at best. Another issue is that, as noted above, we won’t see Rocket Lake on PCs this year which makes a 2021 release for Alder Lake concurrent pretty much with Rocket Lake. Given that, the 2022 timeframe seems to make more sense but who knows. As we noted above, everything could change with a surprise from Intel on September 2.

TechRadar published the following rumored specs for Rocket Lake nearly one month ago.

The website cited the following:

  • “RocketLake S
  • Intel 0000
  • 1 Processor 8 Cores, 16 Threads
  • Genuine Intel Family 6 Model 167 Stepping 0
  • Base: 3.19 GHz
  • Maximum: 4.28 GHz
  • Intel(R) Gen12 Mobile Graphics Controller
  • Compute Units: 32
  • Maximum: 1.15 GHz
  • Device Memory: 6.33 GB

Tech Radar continues: “In addition, this latest leak details the processor’s built-in iGPU, which reportedly sports 32 Compute Units, with a core clock frequency of 1.15GHz and 6.33GB of VRAM. However, although the iGPU is expected to be using the Intel Xe graphics architecture, early benchmarking scores don’t look promising.”

Launching two generations in one year would be a big deal, it wouldn’t be unprecedented for Intel to do. Dave James of PC Gamer points to the Broadwell generation as one example of this.

What is undoubtedly clear is that Alder Lake will be a significantly different processor than those previously released by Intel.

What do you think? Do you follow Intel as a company? How about its tech compared to its competition? Let us know your thoughts on this story in the comments section below.

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