IKEA and ASUS Team Up for Custom Gaming Furniture

One of the fastest growing niches in the furniture and office equipment segment are those products that are tailored for and built according to a gamer’s needs.

That’s not really that shocking when you consider how fast eSports is growing as both a profession, hobby, and entertainment outlet. To capitalize on this newfound love for all things gaming, IKEA and ASUS’s gamer-focused subbrand Republic of Gamers are teaming up to develop a line of gaming furniture.

We’d expect it will combine Ikea’s sleek design and affordable price with features that gamers could use. As things stand now, we’ll have to use our imaginations as for what this partnership could potentially produce because both companies were mum on specifics only going so far as to say that this would be a new “ecosystem” of products according to PC Gamer. The furniture will be designed by ASUS Design Centre in Taipei and Shanghai where IKEA also has an outpost that will enable the companies to work together. Aside from making things that look compelling, the companies will also make sure that the furniture is optimized for gaming and performance particularly among the eSports set.

We won’t have to wait very long to see what these two companies design. The first products are slated for a release in February 2021 in the Chinese domestic market with an eventual global rollout occurring after that.

The only hurdle we could potentially see to this is that IKEA isn’t really the first name in gaming furniture but neither is ASUS for that matter. If they can get the word out there about these products, they could be a pretty big success but these just don’t come to mind when you think of durable gaming furniture, chairs, desks, and other accessories.

What do you think of IKEA and ASUS’s partnership? Would gaming furniture be something that you would be interested in buying? Why or why not? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.

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Corsair Releases RGB light sticks…?

Gamers can’t seem to get enough RGB anything, so here are some sticks you can add to your desk.

If you were looking for a way to spice up your gaming setup some more, Corsair has you covered with their new iCUE LT100 Smart Lighting Tower Kit. The starter kit comes with 2 lighting towers that have 46 LEDs each and stand at 422mm tall. The LEDs are fully customizable with their iCUE software.

The light towers are required to be plugged into a power outlet and then route via USB to your PC. Aside from providing cool ambient lighting to your desk, the only practical function it has is one side has a headphone holder.


Judging by the product images it seems you can face the LEDs outwards to accent the desk or you could also face them towards the wall to diffuse the lighting for a different look. Using the iCUE software, you could program the lights to match your on screen actions and game colors; or you could turn your desk into a music visualizer light show.

Are these light sticks necessary? No. But, they do look pretty cool and can add flare to an otherwise bland setup. They are currently on amazon for $129.99. The price tag might be a bit tough to swallow for something not super functional. There are other things you could upgrade for that amount of money – but if your build is all complete, then maybe this would be a good pickup.