shroud Returns to Twitch

He also randomly announces going pro.

Shroud makes a BIG return to twitch today, playing Valorant on live stream. Also sporting a brand new layout, intro video, and facial hair. Shroud recently took over a month off from streaming, being quiet and inactive since mixer shut down and he did not opt into a contract with Facebook gaming. Everybody was wondering if he would return to twitch or stay away from streaming and go strictly pro.

For those of you who are not familiar, shroud has been one of the biggest streamers in the first person shooter genre for a long time now.

He did randomly mention going pro during his stream saying “Am I going pro in valorant – Yes.” I managed to capture a clip of it here. He doesn’t go into any detail after that and quickly changes the subject, but it does seem to confirm that he will be going pro.

During his stream he amassed over 500,000 concurrent live viewers at one time which is absolutely impressive. To put that into perspective, he had more viewers than an entire categories of games did. Viewers definitely welcomed him back with open arms and his subscription count immediately skyrocketed to the tens of thousands within a few hours.

He casually played some ranked Valorant games on his main account which apparently he did not use to play any ranked games as his Act 1 and Act 2 stats were showing blank. He was playing in diamond tier during the live stream, but quickly made it to immortal.

You can catch the replay of his first stream back below!

Is Shroud Going Pro in Valorant?

Shroud may be forming a new Pro Valorant team with “mOE”.

Ever since the shut down of Mixer and merging with Facebook Gaming, many big time streamers have been in limbo leaving many viewers in dark about their plans. Some embraced Facebook Gaming and kept their contracts from Mixer, while others have gone quiet or explored streaming on other platforms like YouTube.

Ninja did a stream on YouTube and people went nuts over it, but no formal announcements were made. Now we are hearing news about Shroud’s move. Supposedly Shroud did not accept a contract with Facebook and is currently not regularly streaming anywhere.

On a recent live stream from mOE Assad, he casually mentioned that he was starting a Pro Valorant team with Shroud and Just9n. He said he was speaking it into existence. Could this statement hint at the future for Shroud going Pro in Valorant?

Shroud mentioned before about how being a full time streamer and going Pro directly conflicts with each other. If he wanted to do one, he could not do the other. He goes into detail on how streaming his play style and tactics, would give competitors a blatant advantage as they can study everything that he does.

So that being said, now that Mixer is gone and he is out of a streaming contract, this opens up the avenue and opportunity for him to take a break from streaming and focus on going Pro. Shroud does have a big announcement coming soon, so we’ll see what he truly wants to do going forward.

Catch mOE slipping the news below:

Why was Dr. Disrespect Mysteriously Banned from Twitch!?

Dr. Disrespect tweets about it.

Some of you may have already heard that Dr. Disrespect has been banned from twitch following his last live stream where he seemed concerned and kept saying that they’ll get through this. Naturally, a front page streamer on twitch who had a huge multi million dollar contract with twitch getting banned creates a lot of confusion and speculation. Twitch must have quite a big reason to remove one of the faces and biggest proponents of their platform.

The streamer himself finally released a tweet that confirmed nothing and seems to say that he is as confused as the rest of us are. Although I’m sure there are details twitch and the doctor are not disclosing.

image 4

With such little information being conveyed, there are a bunch of rumors just flying around. However, it has been stated that this ban should not have anything to do with any DMCA issues or the other twitch harassment allegations floating around.

Another rumor that surfaced briefly was that Ninja, Shroud, and Dr. Disrespect were in the talks of creating their own streaming platform. *These are just rumors and can definitely be 100% fabricated by the confused community*. Still, it is definitely an interesting spin on things, but the merit to that rumor is minimal at best until we get more solid information.

The fact that Mixer just shut down and left Shroud and Ninja in an uncertain situation as of now plays into that rumor as well.

What do you all think is happening?