Microsoft Rushing Out Fix for Xbox Series X Controllers Disconnecting

Do you own an Xbox Series X? Have you experienced issues with your controllers disconnecting?

If so, you’re not the only person.

In fact, Microsoft is rushing out a fix for this seemingly common issue.

Until that is fully resolved, they advise consumers to update the controller’s software if they get a chance.

Microsoft told CNET in a statement about the issue, “We are aware some players may be experiencing disconnects with their new Xbox Wireless Controllers and our teams are actively working on a solution to be included in a future update.”

Other solutions that gamers have suggest included turning the controller on and off as well as playing with it connected to the console. As you can imagine, no one likes that solution as it takes console gaming back to the PS2 era.

Interestingly, this is the only real speed bump the latest Xbox’s release has experienced outside of a shortage of consoles. Most new hardware has more than a few quirks and it seems that Microsoft is working those out now.

It’s also probably not the way that Microsoft wanted to begin the console’s 20th birthday. That’s right, some twenty years ago this year the first Xbox hit the market. For those of you with long memories, you’ll recall the Duke controller and the ungodly size of the original console itself. Seriously, if the original Xbox had fallen off of a shelf, it could maim or kill a housecat. Massive and powerful, the console really hit its stride with Halo 2, a title that still holds a special place in the hearts of millions of gamers around the world. Other standout titles for the system include Bethesda’s Morrowind and the Ninja Gaiden title for the system.

Originally conceived as Microsoft’s way to get into the living room, the Xbox came as a result of the company’s increasing fear of video game consoles as a transmission vector for an OS and products other than its own. The Xbox wasn’t the first time that Microsoft dabbled in gaming but it does represent perhaps the most potent effort the company had amassed until that time. Previously working with Sega on their Dreamcast system, Microsoft had looked at video game consoles as a future medium but didn’t really take it seriously until the PlayStation 2 delivered its one-two punch of being a games console and a DVD player. This dual functionality put it in more homes than anyone thought possible and it piqued Microsoft’s interest in the potential of game consoles to be platforms for more than just gaming.

Bloomberg has an excellent article recounting the development of the original Xbox from a firsthand perspective. We suggest that you check that out.

Have you experienced this issue with Xbox Series X controllers? Let us know your story and thoughts in the comments section.

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Microsoft Expects Xbox Series X/S Shortages to Extend to Next Year

The next generation of consoles is here but in only a few lucky hands.

And that could be the case for quite some time as Microsoft is now reporting that their latest consoles, the Series X and S, could be in short supply until at least April 2021.

Blame the weird nature of the economy during the COVID-19 pandemic or really high demand for the system, either way, it looks like things are going to be tough for Xbox diehards that weren’t lucky enough to get a console in the first wave.

Xbox’s experiences and platforms boss Liz Hamren acknowledged the gap between demand and supply, noting, “We know that not everyone was able to get an Xbox Series X|S immediately and are working tirelessly with our partners around the world to bring as many new consoles to as many of you as possible over time and encourage you to check in with your local retailers directly for more details on availability in your market.”

That doesn’t mean it will be totally impossible to get Microsoft’s newest machine. Retailers are being told to expect “sporadic” shipments of the system, Video Games Chronicle reports. Naturally, you’ve always got eBay as an option with scalpers already filling the search results with overpriced next-gen hardware. Of course, this isn’t an Xbox-exclusive phenomenon as much the same thing is happening with Sony’s newest platform.

Microsoft’s brass expects the “demand profile” for their newest systems to level out in the spring of next year.

Or, as Xbox chief financial officer Tim Stuart said at the Jefferies Interactive Entertainment conference, “I think we’ll continue to see supply shortages as we head into the post-holiday quarter, so Microsoft’s Q3, calendar Q1…And then when we get to Q4, all of our supply chain continuing to go full speed heading into kind of the pre-summer months. And that’s where I start to — I expect to see a little bit of the demand — the supply profile, meeting the demand profile. You’ll be outside of a holiday window. We’ll have supply cranking over the next, what, 4, 5, 6 months. And that’s when I expect to see really that demand profile start to be met, which will be really, really great.”

In other news, it seems like random issues are plaguing both the latest Xbox and Sony’s PS5. Outside of that, Microsoft clarified their stance with Bethesda releasing games on other platforms with a “first and best” experience being reserved for their systems – whatever that means. Reading between the lines, it doesn’t look like Microsoft is going to prevent Bethesda from releasing its games on other consoles which is a good thing for the industry overall. 

Did you pick up a new Xbox Series X or S? What do you think of the system so far? Does the prospect of a long wait make you impatient or are you cool with getting Microsoft’s latest at a later date? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.

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Backwards compatibility preserves gaming history like never before on Xbox Series X

Final Fantasy XIII Xbox Backwards Compatibility

Backwards Compatibility brings 4K resolution and HDR to games with up to 120 FPS on the Xbox Series X

Microsoft continues to impress with new Xbox Series X details. This time, Xbox highlights backwards compatibility (BC) enhancements on the new console. After 100,000 hours of testing, BC titles can achieve 4K resolution, maintain up to 120 FPS, and feature HDR.

While the improvements are impressive, the core of the program is to preserve this wonderful art form we all love. One of my favorite quotes from the update really gets to the core of why sustained backwards compatibility is important.

“In addition to preserving the legacy of our loyal fans who have been with us since the beginning, we enable entirely new generations of gamers to play and enjoy the timeless games from our past while respecting and honoring their creators.”

This is just one of the reasons I am passionate about Xbox. The dedication they have towards preserving past titles as well as enhancing the experiences they offer resonates with me.

Too many games on other platforms have been lost to older hardware that will eventually become inoperable. Xbox has spent the past five years developing their backwards compatibility program. You can even use the same discs you’ve owned from the original Xbox nearly 20 years ago. If you can’t find a physical copy, digital versions are available as well.

With every game being brought with you from the last three generations into the next, the future of these experiences is looking brighter than ever.

Wanna read more about how the Xbox Series X uses its impressive architecture to enhance your favorite games? Check out the whole update here!

Do you want to know what is already possible with backwards compatibility on Xbox One? Take a look at this in-depth analysis by Digital Foundry focused on the Final Fantasy XIII trilogy.

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