Update: Call of Duty Modern Warfare 4/28/20

CB 042720 WZC

New Modern Warfare update out.
The cliff notes:
-New Contract: Most Wanted
-New LMG: MK9
-New Store Bundles
-Shoot the Ship Playlist
-Gunsmith Customs

This update brings a few pretty neat tweaks. In addition to the existing contracts of recon, bounty, and scavenge, MOST WANTED will now be an option to activate. This essentially makes you the bounty target for every team in the game…why? If all of your teammates happen to be dead and you don’t have the money to buy them all back, if you survive as MOST WANTED – they all come back to life. Interesting concept, but I am curious as to how many would try it out.

New LMG, the MK9, supposedly has high accuracy, you’ll have to complete the weapons challenge to unlock it. In addition to that, the update brings new weapon bundles and more importantly, the new Gunsmith Customs editor. You can now take parts off of all blueprints and blend them all together to make a super epic gun – can’t wait for people to find OP combinations.

Shoot the ship is back…nuff said.

All patch notes: https://blog.activision.com/call-of-duty/2020-04/This-Week-in-Call-of-Duty-April-27

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