Valorant Beta Over, Releases June 2nd

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The Valorant beta ended on May 28th, so what’s next?

After grinding ranks in Valorant beta, it has come to an end and unfortunately all of that hard work will be wiped for the full game release. But, beta testing is always a crucial step in any game and the Riot team has made great efforts towards bug fixes, game balances/enhancements, and improving security from hackers.

Some Beta Stats

There will be another update that coincides with the release, along with a new agent that was teased in their release trailer. Also featured was the title of their first season, which will be “Ignite”. We don’t have a detailed list of updates officially from Riot yet for the release patch, but there are talks of some buffs to Omen’s abilities (teleport will stay the same). Also the new agent may have some sort of vampire-esque skills (lifesteal?).

Either way, I am pumped for the release! The game had a rocky start with bugs, an abundance of crashes, and terrible Vanguard implementation, but most of it seemingly seemed to be worked out by the end of beta. The game grew on me, and I find myself wanting to play it now that it’s gone.

Catch you all on June 2nd. See the trailer below.

Valorant Release Trailer

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