Valorant Patch 0.47+

valorant patch

It didn’t take long for riot to release a patch since releasing the Valorant closed beta to more people of the general public.

The patch brings a few balance changes and bug/exploit fixes. The most notable ones are below:

  • Knife attacks will deal 2x damage on obstacles now like Sage’s barrier
  • Decreased Raze Paint Shells to 1 and has a 2 kill reset
  • Sage’s slow will now slow airborne players in the zone

Riot’s full patch notes can be found here

If you haven’t gotten into the Valorant closed beta, here’s how:

  1. Create a riot account if you don’t already have one
  2. Create a Twitch account
  3. Link your riot to your twitch account here
  4. Watch any drop enabled streamer on twitch playing Valorant here

Riot has stated that watching multiple streams does not increase your chances. We recommend that you leave one stream running all day, you can also lower the resolution in the video player to reduce the network usage.

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