Valorant – Ranked Matchmaking Patch!

Patch 0.49 just came out and it includes ranked matchmaking…almost. Riot stated that they are working on a few stability/bug fixes before officially turning on matchmaking. There are actually quite a few changes in this patch, ranging from visual changes, game play, and balance. You can catch the full notes below from Riot, but a few of the noticeable things after playing a few rounds:

-Your dot on the mini map is a white dot, making it easier to identify yourself
-Nerf to Sage’s wall, so it can’t be used to boost into outer space anymore (thank god)
-New visuals – damage indicator, low health/ammo, voice activity icons, ult, spike , etc.
-UI Tweaks
-Penalty for leaving or dodging games
-Numerous bug fixes
-Ranked Mode will be activated *soon*

Read all the patch notes from Riot:

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