Valorant Releasing TODAY. Patch Notes Out.

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Valorant full release on June 2nd, 8 AM ET alongside big patch.

Riot has already released the patch notes for us to study before hopping back on!

Valorant is back at last after being down for a few days to get ready for the full release. There is quite a big patch alongside the release which includes many character re-balances, map updates, a new map, and new agent.

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Valorant Releasing TODAY. Patch Notes Out. 1

You can read the entirety of the patch notes from Riot, but here are some big changes:

  • New agent Reyna
  • Heavy nerfs to Sage – longer healing orb cooldown, less barrier health & duration (Ouch, my main)
  • Raze blast pack radius reduced
  • Jett smoke duration up to 7 seconds
  • Phoenix blaze duration increased and longer flash duration
  • Omen heavily reworked
  • New map Ascent
  • Mid on Split is more open now
  • Lots of performance/bug updates
  • New spike rush game mode
  • No ult charges for dying not caused by enemy players

There won’t be any competitive mode upon release, as expected. This allows some time to ensure that everything is stable after release and new non-beta players have a chance to get acclimated to the game.
I’m pretty bummed that Sage got nerfed and the new buffs to all the offensive heroes might make the game lose some of its defensive centric tactics, but we’ll see how it pans out this week.

Get ready to play here if you haven’t already installed the game.

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