Viotek’s 144 Hz 4K Gaming Monitor Arrives

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A budget friendly brand with unheard of specs for even from top brands!

Monitors are a pretty big deal and for a solid reason. After all, no one cares about your powerful graphics card if it is being displayed like a watercolor painting. Even so, monitors are not a cheap accessory and, as Viotek’s latest shows, they’re definitely not without their own complications.

We might be entering a new promised land for resolution in gaming monitors as Viotek’s latest promises 4K at 144 Hz – something pretty much impossible with most of the equipment on the market right now.

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Viotek’s 144 Hz 4K Gaming Monitor Arrives 1

So how does it work?

Since it can’t promise that kind of refresh rate using any cables out there right now, Viotek has the novel solution of using not just one but two cables to make sure its monitor delivers the promised performance.

That is, the monitor requires two DisplayPort 1.4 ports to get 140 Hz. Just one cable puts out 120 Hz. The 27-inch GFI27QXA also happens to be a pretty decent monitor all around as many reviewers are pointing out. It supports G-Sync and Freesync from 48 Hz to 144 Hz as well as a sturdy stand and a glare shield. In other words, Viotek has covered most all of the necessary bases. That’s probably a good thing because they’re not asking for just a few pennies.

But, as with anything hardware-related, the final and most pressing question for many of us is the price. At $750, the Viotek isn’t a cheap alternative by any means but, then again, what it is promising is different from most others out there on the market. That has a price, too.

If you are interested this monitor is available on amazon.

Does the new Viotek 4K monitor sound like something you would like to own? Let us know your thoughts on this story in the comments section below.

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