With the PS5 Just Around the Corner, the Last-Gen PlayStation 4 Continues to Break Sales Records


We are mere days away from the launch of the PlayStation 5 but it seems like Sony’s old system can’t help but break sales records in the meantime.

That’s because the PlayStation 4 was recently named the most profitable video game console in history according to analysts. For those of us with some knowledge of the landscape of console gaming history, that’s no small feat.

Especially when you consider the Nintendo Wii and the phenomenon that it was, not to mention Sony’s own blockbuster PlayStation 2 (a console that still holds the reigns as the best-selling console of all time on a unit basis).

Resetera’s ArmGunar made the bold claim, Games Radar reports, claiming that the system has pulled in some $11.3 billion in profit since its launch all the way back in 2013.

To put that in perspective with some of Sony’s other consoles, that it three times as much as the PlayStation 1 and four times as much as the PlayStation 2. As for why the PS4 is likely pulling in more profit than the PS2 even though it sold more units, some people point to the emergence of a then-novel technology called DVD players that Sony included with each system. For Nintendo, ArmGunar estimates that the DS handheld brought in some $11.04 billion in profit over its life while the Wii pulled in $10.56 billion. The DS’s performance is particularly impressive given it did cost remarkably less than either of those systems, not to mention the fact that everyone thought the DS a failure shortly after launch. This same analyst does not expect the PS4 to surpass the PS2 in total units sold, however, especially with the next-generation consoles right on their way.

What makes all of this even more interesting is that so many analysts were quick to proclaim the death of console gaming not too long ago yet 2020 has proven to be a banner year for nearly everyone. If anything, the various gaming platforms on offer in the market seem to have embraced the media segmentation strategy that more traditional niches live movies and television are just now discovering. Basically, there’s more than enough of a market for video games for everyone. 

In fact, Sony and the PlayStation 4 have enjoyed a particularly successful 2020 as a slew of exclusive games, most of which have already been named modern classics by many, have helped keep the PS4 machine chugging along. Couple this with the backward compatibility promised by the PS5 and the the fourth installment could enjoy quite an interesting retirement.

Do you own a PlayStation 4? What do you think of it as a system? Are you a longtime Sony fan or did the fourth installment in the house of PlayStation bring you to the fold? How do you think the PS5 stacks up against Microsoft’s new machine? Let us know your thoughts on this story in the comments section.

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