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Levoka here, first article for the @Gamer Bias family, taking this chance to share my experience in Mythic+ dungeons. I will be working on a series of articles on what Mythic+ dungeons are and how to time high level keys! This will include tips & tricks to form the right group, roles of each group, and thoughts on the current landscape of Mythic+. As the first of the series, you will learn the basics of Mythic+ and what to expect.

Why do Mythic+ Dungeons?

With the launch of Shadowlands, Blizzard made it extremely hard to gear up! Raid bosses drop less loot in comparison to BFA raid bosses AND raids are locked behind weekly lockouts. That means you only get to raid Castle Nathria ONCE a week. Mythic+ dungeons on the other hand, have no lockouts. This means that you can run as many as you please. If you time the dungeon, you get 3 pieces of loot, that means you got 60% chance of getting a new piece of gear. Much easier than waiting for your lockout to refresh each week!

What are Mythic+ Dungeons?

For those that are unfamiliar with Mythic+ dungeons, this is Blizzard’s challenge mode for standard dungeons. At the start of the dungeon, the 5-man team will activate a “key” with a specific level. The dungeon will scale up in difficulty with each increased level of the key. The levels start at +2 and can scale up infinitely as long as you can complete it in time. Depending on the key level, the health and damage of mobs & bosses scales up accordingly. At +2, health and damage are increased by 8%, while at +15, it is increased by 172%. On top of increased health and damage, there will also be up to four affixes that rotate each week. Affixes are mechanical variations that change the normal flow of the dungeon, whether that’s bolstering the mobs stronger with each kill or leaving a dot each time you get hit by a mob. You will face increased challenges while trying to beat an established timer. If you complete the dungeon within the set time, your key will increase in level. If you complete it without timing the key, it will give you a different dungeon at a lower level. If you do not complete the dungeon at all, it will drop in level without changing the dungeon.

How do you start a Mythic+ Dungeon?

In WoW, dungeons are separated into different levels of challenges. It follows a similar progression as raid difficulty, Normal -> Heroic -> Mythic -> Mythic+. There are two ways to obtain a key. You can either complete a Mythic level dungeon where you will receive an additional item (key) when you loot the final boss. You can also join a Mythic+ group and use their key through the LFG portal. Once your group is formed, when you enter the dungeon, you will see a “Font of Power” where you can activate your key. It will give you a 10 second countdown and you’re off to your Mythic+ challenge. Honestly, there are no prerequisites in joining a Mythic+ group as long as you are level 60. Plenty of people get carried in Mythic+, just ask 9sef.

What to expect?

Be prepared for a much harder dungeon as the key level increases. Unlike normal dungeons where you can skip bosses, in Mythic+, you will need to kill all bosses and kill enough mobs to reach 100% in mob requirement. Lastly, don’t be a dick. This isn’t a cake walk, you’ll need to coordinate the route, cc’s, and damage accordingly to finish high keys. People make mistakes. Don’t rage quit when it doesn’t go your way.

If you’re thinking.. Who the hell is this random dude and what makes him qualify to write any of this…I’ve been an avid WoW player since vanilla (Horde Shaman) and have been playing Demon Hunters since Battle for Azeroth (Raider.io Profile). I am by no means the rank 1 DH in the world, but do consider myself competitive 🙂 so, here goes the basics.

If you appreciate this article or have specific topics that you’d like to see, feel free to drop me a message. Otherwise, look out for more articles as we dive into the world of Mythic+

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