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Get the right team! That’s how you time high keys!

Why is team composition so important?

Depending on the dungeon and the affixes, the correct team comp and provide the right burst of damage or cc to get you through critical phases of your run.

Overall Roles

Let’s make this simple and put every DPS class into one of these two buckets, Big DPS and Utility. 

Big DPS – It’s simple, these classes are just one tier above the rest. Some classes thrive in AOE fights, while others will pull 18k dps on single target fights. For example, Fire Mage and their Combust will top the charts for AOE fights because their skill are uncapped, while Boomkins are insane in single target with their Convoke

Utility – Classes that bring random utility to the group, whether in forms of CC, invis, or immunes. Rogues, Monks, and Druids are prime examples of a Utility class. As a Demon Hunter player, I think they fall in this category, unfortunately. 

So, what are some key roles?

Rogues – Utility

  • Everyone wants a rogue. You get a team wide invis so you can skip stuff. You have stuns, blinds, and gauges that will stop casting. You bring awesome AOE damage. 
  • If you see a high io rogue, pick them up.

Demon Hunters – Utility

  • As much as i want to give LOVE to my main class, we are pretty terrible right now…
  • We bring 1 single target stun, an AOE stun every minute, a 15 second interrupt, and a Banish that can be useful from time to time. 
  • We deal decent AOE damage, but can’t compare to Mages or Hunters. 
  • Fortunately, we give 5% magic damage increase to our friendly Mages & Boomkins!

Druids – DPS/Utility

  • Typhoon, treants, and mass entangled. These skills will help the tanks kite and drop stacks during necrotic or help section off spiteful ghosts so the team can keep moving forward. Or they will top DPS in the group. Either way, I absolutely love them. 

Team Comp & What to Invite

Fortified Weeks

Honestly, it does not matter as much. You don’t need to spend 5 minutes on a boss and there will be room for error during boss fights. Bring classes with strong AOE such as Mage, Hunter, Shadow Priest. This way, you will be able to AOE down bigger pulls of adds. 

Tyrannical Weeks

These are not fun… you mess up on boss, then you lose the Prideful buff. Routes become much more important and things need to be perfect. You do not want to bring the boss down to 10% and wipe because that will cost you a good 5 minutes. 

Meta Comp

DH Tank – Mage – Boomkin – Rogue – Healer

This is a simple comp. You bring all the top dps classes in one group. Mage will be able to burst down AOE pulls, while Boomkin will carry you through bosses. Rogues will provide the stuns & invis to ensure casts don’t go off. Also, Vengeance DH tanks. They will hold aggro and kite, so they never die…


Honestly, it is a pretty sad scene right now. If you look at top ranked teams on Raide.io, the same comp dominates from #1 to #250… There’s not as much flexibility into your team comp. As a Demon Hunter player… I feel the obligation to tank, otherwise I never get invited to keys. It’s a rough world right now. 

Although Blizzard is constantly tuning the dungeons and damage, the top team comps are unlikely going to change just with how their classes are designed. Convoke & Combust are way too OP compared to the rest of the classes. Hopefully with proper gear, we will see more diversity amongst the ranks!

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