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Hey team, Levoka here. 

This week, we will be discussing tips & resources for Mythic+ keys. Not going to lie, Mythic+ is a long and difficult road. The learning curve between a low key and high key is enormous and the punishment for mistakes is extreme. But that’s what I am here for! I have created a compilation of resources that built my foundation, so you can learn from it too. 



Raider.io has become the holy grail of Mythic+. It started off as a website that created a ranking for Mythic+ players. The higher the score, the “better” the players are. The scores are calculated based on a formula and rewarded players more points when they complete the key in time. The higher the key, the higher the points. They also have their own addon that allows you to see other player’s raider.io scores, highest timed key, and best record for dungeon. We will cover more of this when we discuss team compositions 🙂 

Dungeon Resources

Resources listed in this section will cover the nitty gritty of completing a dungeon. It will teach you the basic mechanics of the dungeon and highlight what skills will cause a wipe. This is where you build your basics. 

  • TankNotes


As the title suggests, this is a tank focused Mythic+ resource. It breaks down their guides into different tank classes and provides a walk through of each dungeon. The TankNotes team takes a much wordier approach compared to its peers, but it also covers details like which spells are reflectable and which spells can be immuned.

  • Mythic Trap


This is a Shadowlands newcomer. Reddit User u/MathiasHyper and the MythicTrap team have done a tremendous job in bringing this website to life. The website is extremely user friendly and most of all, it is VISUAL. The MythicTrap team spent a whole ton of effort to produce quality GIFs and videos that showcased dungeon mechanics. It provides a high level dungeon route and it shows you how to fight each boss. This has become my go-to website when I need a quick refresher. 

Route Planner

Routes will make or break a run. They get progressively more sophisticated as the key gets higher. A well planned route will allow your group to fight the easiest mob in the most efficient way, while reaching 100% right before the last boss. In keys that are +10 or above, well planned routes will get you a Prideful buff when you need it the most. 

  • Mythic Dungeon Tool (MDT)


Mythic Dungeon Tool is an ingame addon that allows you to plan your dungeon route. It shows you how much % each mob is and it allows you to import pre-planned routes. You can also share the route with others that have the addon installed and they can see the route also!

  • Raider.io & Dratnos – Weekly Routes


Dratnos posts weekly routes for each dungeon. These routes will change according to the current affixes. All you need to do is import his routes to your MDT and voila. 

WeakAura (WA)


WeakAura is an addon that allows you to customize nearly everything. You want an icon that flashes when you don’t have a food buff? Sure thing. You want an arrow to pop up on screen when a boss casts a skill? Easy. People go crazy on this. Go take a look at what they have, be warned, it’s like thrift shopping though…

  • Interrupt Tracker


Honestly, I only use one WA. It tracks the CD of everyone’s interrupt skill. When you run higher keys where casts can wipe groups, this allows me to call out who needs to interrupt next. 

Now that you know what Raider.io is and what io stands for, go chekc out your io score and start climbing that ladder! Next week we will cover team composition and how to make life easier in high keys 🙂

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