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Achievement: “Shadowland Keystone Master Season 1” – Basically an achievement that you get to flaunt when you timed +15 keys for all Shadowland dungeons. As an avid Havoc Demon Hunter, I thought I would get the achievement as a DPS…little did i know, tanking as Demon Hunter made everything so much easier. 

My Havoc journey halted when tanked my first +15 with a few guildies… I realized that boss mechanics stop targeting you. DPS interrupt stuff for you. You get into keys immediately. Unbelievable. 

So, what made DH tanks so strong and easy to play? It’s the simplicity of the class design and our crazy survivability. 

DH’s are easy to learn because we literally only rotate through 3 damage abilities. Include our CD’s and our opener, we only use a MAX of 8 different abilities. Compared to other classes who are probably rotating through 15 different abilities, DH’s are easy to learn. On top of that, Blizzard gave us an insane amount of mobility and regeneration. We can dash/leap to kite mobs AND pull 1.7k heal per sec throughout an entire dungeon without a healing spell. There’s a beauty in our class design. 

On top of our strong self healing abilities, our damage mitigation is also top notch. Fiery Brand is our best ability. Enemies marked by our Fiery Brand deals 40% less damage against us for 10 seconds. With the right talent & legendary, the brand will last for ~14 seconds, spread to 6 other enemies, and will reduce 2 seconds off of the cooldown everytime you consume a heal orb… This skill makes us practically unkillable. 

Honestly, for those that have a tank spec on your character, this is a call for you to try tanking for a few dungeons. That’s how I started. 7 days later, my tank scores are higher than my DPS scores… you might just like tanking 🙂

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